19th International Symposium on Human Identification Oral Presentations

Note: Documents in this collection are in PDF format.

Author Title
Kathleen Horley The Missing Women's Task Force and the Pickton Investigation (Canada's Most Prolific Serial Murderer)
Thomas Callaghan Overview of the FBI's CODIS Program
Gary Sims The DNA Partial Match and Familial Search Policy of the California Department of Justice
Léo Lavergne Searching a DNA Data Bank Using Complex Mixtures: A Retrospective Study
Michael Cariola The Development of Forensic Sample Management Systems to Address Data Management Bottlenecks
Lisa Calandro GeneMapper ID-X Software v1.1: Development of an Automated Approach for the Deconvolution of DNA Mixtures
Martin Bill Advances in Mixture Interpretation
Jackie Johnson Validation of FSS-i3 v4.2.1, PowerPlex 16, GeneMapperID 3.2, 3130xl Collection Software Version 3.0
Peter Wistort Adaptive DNA Databank Capacity Using an Expert System Process
Robert McLaren A Solution for the Split Peak and n–10 Artifacts Seen at the vWA Locus in PowerPlex® 16 and PowerPlex® ES
Ada Nunez Application of Circular Ligase to Provide Template for Rolling Circle Amplification of Low Amounts of Fragmented DNA
Matthew Farr Examination and Optimization of the PreCR™ DNA Repair Mix on Damaged DNA for Short Tandem Repeat and Mitochondrial DNA Analysis
Eric Buel Development of an RNA-Based Screening Assay for Forensic Stain Identification
Steven Hofstadler Analysis of DNA Forensic Markers Using High Throughput Mass Spectrometry
John Planz Drilling Deeper into the STR Allele: Enhanced Resolution and Statistical Power through SNP Distribution Within the Short Tandem Repeats
Heike Felske-Zech The Maxwell® 16 Low Elution Volume System for Forensic Casework: Routine Use in a Forensic Laboratory
Rick Staub Analyzing Y-STR Mixtures and Calculating Inclusion Statistics
Rixun Fang Development of a Multiplex SNP Detection System, GenPlex™ HID, Human Identification Applications
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