18th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Alvarez Determining the Physical Characteristics of an Individual from Bloodstains: Biological Age Determination
2 Jolicoeur A Database Approach for Statistical Analysis of Biological and DNA Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases
3 Ge DNA Identification by Pedigree Likelihood Ratio
4 Parker A Novel One Step Sample Collection Device that Simplifies the Transfer of Buccal Cells from an Applicator to FTA® Matrices
5 Chen The X-Chromosome STR Loci DXS101, DXS6789, DXS132, DXS981 and Their Haplotypes in Taiwan
6 Butler STRBase: 10 Years and Beyond
7 DiFrancesco A Side by Side Comparison of DNA Collection Techniques in Order to Recover Shed DNA
8 Richeal Performance of the AmpFℓSTR® MiniFiler™ PCR Amplification Kit with DNA Recovered from Environmentally Exposed Tissues
9 Frei Validation of the Invitrogen iPrep™ Purification Instrument for the Processing of Samples in a Medium Throughput Forensic DNA Laboratory
10 Fukuma Overview of a Lab Support System for Managing Data from DNA Extraction and Genotyping for Human Identification
11 Gefrides The Detection and Treatment of Consumable Contamination
12 Aponte-Machín Quantification of DNA Extracted from Teeth
13 Leijnen Comparison of Different Forensic Specimens for DNA Yield in Function of PCR Feasibility
14 Jacobs "False Positive" PSA Testing in Anal Swabs Taken from Putrefied Male Bodies
15 Ketchum Validation of SNP Typing Using High Throughput Instrumentation and WGA to Achieve Forensic Analysis of Low Yield Samples
16 Lee Optimizing DNA Stabilization and Storage of Forensic DNA Samples Using Polymers
17 Muller Evaluation of Dissolvable SampleMatrix® for Long-Term Room Temperature Storage of Forensic DNA (Advantage for Trace Sample Recovery)
18 Perlin Interpreting Uncertain DNA Evidence: A New Statistical Approach
19 Eisenberg Validation of the AmpFlSTR® MiniFiler™ Kit for Unidentified Human Remains Using the Applied Biosystems VALID™ Software as a Validation Aid
20 Schubbert Food Forensics: Analysis of Food, Raw Materials or Processed Materials for Food Products and Pharmaceutical Products with Molecular Biological Methods
21 Romero A New Duplication in DYS19 Study with 17 STR Markers on the Y-Chromosome in Populations of the Colombian Caribbean Coast
22 Moguel-Torres Identification of Severely Burned Bodies from a Vehicle Collision Using DNA IQ™ Promega System and Chelex 100 Resin
23 Coble The Application of mtDNA SNPs to Forensic Casework
24 Sharizah Applications of a Kit-Based Technology in Forensic Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Analysis of Human Hair Shafts
25 Yeung A Higher Sensitivity STR Typing Multiplex Using Fluorescence Energy Transfer Dye Labels
26 Greenspoon A Forensic Laboratory Tests the Berkeley Micro-Fabricated Capillary Array Electrophoresis Device
27 Kim Validation and Application of Commercial MiniSTR Typing Kit for Korean National Missing People Identification Project
28 Buchanan Conflicting Interpretation of a Y-STR Locus Family, DYF371; the Result of PCR Conditions?
29 Frame Optimization of a Qiagen Blood DNA Extraction Kit for Use with Human Buccal Swab Samples
30 Fransway The DNA Shoah Project—Using DNA as a Means to Reunite Families Separated as a Result of the Holocaust
31 Galina-Mehlman Assessing the Fidelity of Whole Genome Amplified Samples for High Variability STR Genotyping
32 Myrkalo Sequencing Human mtDNA to Find New Mutations Linked to Mitochondrial Disease
33 Adam Study of a C/T Heteroplasmy at Nucleotide 12071 in Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) of the HL-60 Cell Line Using a Plexor® qPCR System
34 Calamaras Investigation of Two Deletions Found in the Mitochondrial DNA Genome of an Individual Suffering from Symptoms Related to a Mitochondrial Myopathy
35 Vandenberg If Not Human, Then What? Species Identification by PCR of the Cytochrome B Region
36 Cantsilieris The Species Identity "Megaplex" for Identification of Unknown Biological Material in Forensic Casework
38 Odigie Repair of Damaged DNA Using Commercially Available Enzymes
39 Szöke A Robotized DNA Extraction Protocol from Buccal Swabs for Databasing Purpose, Using Promega's DNA IQ System
40 Nicklas A Multiplex SNP FRET-Based Assay to Distinguish Individuals
41 Podini The Forensic Identification of an Individual Using Indirect Familial Reference DNA: Comparison of Two Software Packages
42 Roy Automation of a DNA IQ Purification Method for Casework Samples on a Tecan Freedom EVO with Fixed Tips
43 Hagan Body Fluid Identification: Microchip-Based Solid Phase Extraction of Nucleic Acids from Complex Matrices
44 Norris Acoustic Differential Extraction on a Microdevice: Assessment of Fluidic Control for Separation of Sperm and Epithelial Cell Lysate
45 Moyse A 96-Well Thermister for Thermal Cycler Calibration
46 Roby Streamlining Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing of Reference Samples
47 Rankin Examination of Contact Clothing as an Alternative Source of DNA in Oral Sexual Assaults
48 Clabaugh Storage of DNA Samples at Ambient Temperature Using DNA-SampleMatrix®
49 Carroll Internal Validation of the Applied Biosystems AmpFISTR® YFiler PCR Amplification Kit
50 Driscoll Identification and Separation of Male/Female Mixtures of Various Cell Types Using Interphase FISH Techniques and Laser-Capture Microdissection Methods
51 Plaza The Screening of Buccal Collector Samples with Ninhydrin Solution Results in Improved Cell Collection and STR Success Rates
52 Latiolais Short Tandem Repeat (STRs) and Mitochondrial Sequence of Trace DNA Recovered from Explosive Devices
53 Reynolds Use of mtDNA Analysis to Resolve the Genetic ID of a Contested Urine Sample Submitted for Random Drug Testing
54 Diaz The Distribution of Allele Frequencies of 15 STRS in Dominican Population
55 Anderson Validation of Rapid Stain Identification (RSID) Kits for the Identification of Human Blood and Semen
56 Thompson How Low Can You Go?— A Comparative Sensitivity Study
57 Beaudet Three Selective and Sensitive Fluorogenic Dyes for Quantification of DNA and RNA
58 Serensits STR Analysis and Database Searching for Paternity, Kinship, Missing Persons and Mass Disaster Applications with GeneMarker HID
59 Caltagirone Prevention and Detection of DNA Contamination Events in a Forensic Laboratory
60 Borer Rapid and Reliable Generation of DNA Profiles from Skeletal Remains for Identification Purposes
61 Lindquist Validation of Feline, Bovine, Equine and Cervid Quantitative PCR Assays
62 Asogawa Development of Portable and Rapid Human DNA Analysis System Aiming On-Site Screening
63 McCurdy Mitochondrial DNA Mixture Resolution by Base Composition Analysis
64 Pádár Application of Degenerated Primers in Sequence Analysis of the Cytochrome b Gene
65 Pádár Assessing the Frequency of Somatic Mutation from Single Dog Hairs-Forensic Testing of StockMarks® Canine I Ver 3 Kit
66 Pamjav Hungarian and Romani Population Data Based on 11 Y-STR and 49 Y-SNP Markers
67 Judice Indicating FTA Elute: For the Collection, Processing and Elution of DNA from Biologically Clear Samples for use in Downstream Amplification Technologies
68 Muharam Automating Dried Sample Collection and Processing Using the Vibraswab System from BSD Robotics
69 Fukushima DNA Extraction without Powdering from Bone and Teeth
70 Smitherman Optimized Use of Post Amplification Purification Columns
71 Nguyen A Fast, Effective Differential Extraction Method for Forensic Sexual Assault Samples
72 Anguiano A Validation Study of ABI's AmpFlSTR® MiniFiler™ Kit for use on Degraded DNA Samples
73 Roberts Mitochondrial DNA Heteroplasmy as a Function of Hair Morphology
74 Rebala Genetic Variation of 18 Y-chromosomal STR Loci in the Slovak Population
75 Hall Amplification of Compromised DNA Using Translesion Polymerases
76 Almazan Long Term RNA Recovery from a Reversible Porous Matrix Storage Plate
77 Zoll A Method for the Amplification of Trace Microbial DNA Samples for Forensic Analyses
78 Eshoo High Resolution Genotyping of Bacillus Anthracis by Multilocus PCR and Mass Spectrometry (PCR/ESI-MS)
79 Biondi Validation and Implementation of a High Throughput Automated Forensic STR Setup Protocol Using the PowerPlex® 16 System from Promega
80 Tack Automation High-Throughput Forensic DNA Extraction Using the DNA IQ™ System and Slicprep™ 96 Device from Promega and the Janus® Forensic Workstation from PerkinElmer
81 Sholts The Application of Three-Dimensional Midfacial Profiling in the Identification of Human Skeletal Remains
82 Barbaro Validation of DNA Typing from Latent Fingerprints by the Invitrogen Charge Switch Forensic DNA Purification Kit
83 Barbaro Genetic Data of 17 Y-STRs in a Population from South of Italy (Calabria)
84 Aguilar Development Of A Male DNA Screening Assay Using Y Alu Derived Sequences For Detection On The FMBIO III Plus
85 Tirado DNA Profiling from Amniotic Fluid: A New Approach from Criminal Paternity
86 Ali The Importance of Molecular Genetic Information Banks in Human Identity
87 Davis STR Variation in the Immigrant Basque Population of Southwest Idaho
88 Hadinoto Evaluation of the Biomatrica™ SampleMatrix® Room-Temperature DNA Storage System
89 Perepechina Mathematical Model of the Delivering a Judgment Using Results of DNA Analysis (on the Basis of the Decision Theory)
90 Hashiyada Population Genetics of Eight X-Chromosomal STRs in a Japanese Population
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