18th International Symposium on Human Identification Oral Presentations

Note: Documents in this collection are in PDF format.

Author Title
Sir Alec Jeffreys 23 Years of Forensic DNA: How One Lousy Blot Changed My Life
Angela van Daal DNA Identikit: Use of DNA Polymorphisms to Predict Offender Appearance
Maddy deLone The Innocence Project—An Update
Susan Berdine Denver’s Cold Case Project: Elements for Success
Robin Rothove Conquering Mt. Everest: Completing the All-Felon Offender Backlog
Lois Tully The Research and Development Programs of the National Institute of Justice: Providing Long-Term Solutions to Everyday Challenges
John Planz Significance of Kinship Statistics and Their Interpretational Implications in Familial Searches
James Schumm Combining FSS-i3™ Software with New Analytical Capabilities
Susan Greenspoon Predicting the Success of STR Typing using the Plexor® HY System and Extraction of Mock Cases using the Differex™ System
Benjamin Krenke Developmental Validation of a Real-Time PCR Assay for the Quantitation of Total Human and Male DNA
Maura Barbisin Validation of a Multiplexed System for Quantification of Human DNA and Human Male DNA and Detection of PCR Inhibitors in Biological Samples
John Butler New Autosomal and Y-Chromosome STR Loci: Characterization and Potential Uses
Bruce Budowle Basic Principles for Estimating the Rarity of Y-STR Haplotypes Derived from Forensic Evidence
Cecelia Crouse Complementing High Throughput Forensic DNA Automation with Maxwell® 16 System
Peng Liu Portable Microchip Genetic Analyzer for "Real-Time" Forensic DNA Analysis
Ralf Lenigk Microfluidic STR-Typing System for Sample-to-Profile of Sexual Assault Samples
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