14th International Symposium on Human Identification Oral Presentations

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Author Title
Naveed Anwar Forensic mixture analysis using mirrors and SWaP SNPs
Robert Bever Resolution of mixtures by cloning of the mitochondrial DNA control region
Bruce Budowle Microbial forensic biocrime cases and interpretation issues
Cassandra Calloway Validation of the LINEAR ARRAY Mitochondrial DNA HVI/HVII Region- Sequence typing kit
Theresa Caragine Improvements to a high throughput strategy for STR typing of DNA from fingerprints and trace evidence
Cecelia Crouse Successful validation and implementation of semi-automated DNA protocols in a small forensic caseworking laboratory
Koichi Endo Advanced data management for DNA forensics laboratories
Paul Ferrara Analysis of the first 1000 database hits in Virginia and implementation of point of arrest DNA collection
Robert Giles The use of a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) marker panel for human identification from compromised biological specimens
Joy Halverson Forensic identification of canine hairs: Is heteroplasmy significant?
Dawn Herkenham DNA data accepted at the National DNA Index System (NDIS)
Koren Holland Microbial forensics using MALDI-TOF spectral fingerprints
Trevor Howitt Ensuring the integrity of results: a continuing challenge in forensic DNA analysis
Ed Huffine The role of DNA testing in the identification of the Missing in the former Yugoslavia
Benjamin Krenke Development of a male-specific, 12-locus fluorescent multiplex
Jose Lorente DNA challenges posed in attempting to solve the mysteries of Christopher Columbus
Richard Mathies New microtechnologies for genetic identification
Stephen Niezgoda DNA identification in mass fatality incidents: Lessons learned
Mark Perlin Simple reporting of complex DNA evidence: Automated computer interpretation
Steve Redding Secret primers are OK: Trends in defense attacks on DNA evidence in court
Lutz Roewer Use of Y-STRs to reunite families
Carol Scherzinger The development of two new quantitation kits using real-time PCR technology
Jaiprakash Shewale Development and validation of a Y-chromosome STR genotyping system, Y-Plex™ 12 for forensic casework
Himla Soodyall Human origins and continuing evolution in Africa – the place of the Khoi-san
Allan Tereba Advances in developing an automated “black box” for casework sample preparation
Lois Tully NIJ backlog reduction programs
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