14th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Yukio Itakura Security Management of Genetic Information Using STR Personal Identification
2 Juan Jose Builes Population Genetics of Eight New Y Chromosomal STR Haplotypes in the Antiguia Population, Colombia
3 Noelle Dimo-Simonin Forensic Evaluation of the Qiashredder/Qiamp DNA Extraction
4 Kees van der Beek The Dutch DNA-Law and DNA-Database
5 George Li Practical Aspects of Operating an Arrestee DNA Database
6 Mavis Date Chong Optimization of a DNA Sequencing Strategy for the Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA Hypervariable Regions I And II
7 Hee Suk Lee Characteristics of DNA Profile Databases in the Presence of Relatives
8 Rainer Schubbert Also Animals Leave Traces – DNA Profiling of Dogs, Horses, Pigs and Other Animals
9 Charles Brenner Can DNA Solve This?
10 Anthony Carter Genome Wide Analysis of the Human Alu Yb-Lineage
11 Bruce McCord Studies on the Application of Shorter STR Amplicons (Miniplexes) in the Analysis of Degraded DNA
12 Bruce McCord Examination of the Functionality of Redesigned STR Primer Sets in the Analysis of Degraded DNA from Human Skeletal Remains
13 Suzanne Shaffer Evaluation of the Least Square Deconvolution Approach in Interpreting DNA Mixtures
14 Pravatchai Boonlayangoor A New Approach to Statistical Reporting for Forensic DNA Analysis
15 Howard Cash M-FISys: Mass-Fatality Identification System, Its Development in Response to DVI Needs at the World Trade Center, and Potential for Use in Missing Persons Casework
16 Max Houck The Cheapening of Forensic Science: How Philosophical, Practical, and Legal Definitions of Science Shape our Discipline
17 James Schumm Robust STR Multiplexes For Challenging Casework Samples
18 Xavier Aranda A Simple Device for the Efficient Transfer of Buccal Swabs onto FTA® Paper
19 Cynthia Barceleau The Use of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (Snp) Markers From the Nry Region of the Human Y Chromosome for Genealogical and Forensic Applications
20 Cynthia Barceleau The Validation and Utilization of SNPs for Human Parentage Analysis
21 Jerilyn Walker Quantitative PCR for DNA Identification Based on Genome Specific Interspersed Repetitive Elements
22 Jason Gilder Differences In Electropherogram Peak Heights Reported By Different Versions Of The Genescan® Software
23 David Carlson Multiplexed Primer Extension Assays for Genotyping of Y-Chromosome and Autosomal SNPs
24 Henry Erlich Applications of the LINEAR ARRAY™ Mitochondrial DNA HVI/HVII Region - Sequence Typing Kit
25 John Ryan Defining Appropriate Peak Ratios for STR DNA Analysis of Pristine Single Source Samples
26 Rick Staub Using Y-Chromosome Multiplexes in Forensic and Paternity Laboratories
27 Cynthia Shannon Validation for NDIS Approval and Implementation of an Expert System (Comparecallssm) for Review of Offender Samples
28 Hisham Ragab Validation and Comparative Study of the AmpflSTR Identifiler and the PowerPlex 16 STR Multiplex Systems for Forensic Casework Using Capillary Electrophoresis
29 Ingo Bastisch STR Typing of Human Telogen Hairs- A Method for Routine Casework
30 Margaret Kline Semi-Automation of mtDNA Arrays: Results from 666 Population Samples/ and Comparisons
31 Barbara Levin Human Mitochondrial DNA - Amplification and Sequencing Standard Reference Materials – SRM 2392 (Updated) And SRM 2392-I (New) – For Forensic and Medical Use
32 Margaret Kline NIST SRM 2395 and Other Y Chromosome Work
33 Barbara Levin Availability of a Heteroplasmic Mitochondrial DNA Standard Reference material (SRM 2394) for Quality Control in the Detection of Low Frequency Heteroplasmies
34 Shawn Montpetit Validation of the Qiagen 200ul Block Kit and the Biorobot® EZ1 for the DNA Extraction and Purification of Reference Sample for Forensic Casework.
35 Brendan Shea Customizing Genotyper® Macros to Individual Laboratory Specifications
36 Melody Moore Validation of the Gold-Plated Silver Sample Block on the Geneamp® PCR System 9700 Thermal Cycler
37 James Schumm Collecting and Processing Buccal Cell Samples
38 Megan Ulland A Comparative Study of the DNA IQ Extraction Protocols and the Organic Extraction Protocol in Casework Samples: I
39 Daniel Campbell Washing Pubic Hairs - A Different Analysis of a Specimen Routinely Collected in Sexual Assault Investigations
40 Catherine Knutson A Comparative Study of the DNA IQ Extraction Protocols and the Organic Extraction Protocol in Casework Samples: II
41 Janice Nicklas Real-Time PCR Methods for Quantitation and Analysis of Forensic Samples
42 Carlos Yunis Tecan Genesis RSP 150/8 and Miniprep 75 Robotics Extraction of Blood for the Methods DNA IQ™ System and FTA® Card
43 Jodi Irwin Development of an Improved Method for the Recovery and Typing of Nuclear DNA from Highly Degraded Bones
44 Betsy Moran High Throughput DNA Purification of Samples Archived on FTA® Cards
45 Brittany Hartzell Effect of Divalent Metal Ions on DNA Studied by Capillary Electrophoresis
46 Leonor Gusmao 17 STR Data (AmpFlstr® Identifiler™ And PowerPlex® 16 System) from Cabinda (Angola)
47 Dayse Silva Six Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Frequencies for Terena Indigenous Brazilian Group
48 Igor Kornienko The Polymorphism Of ND3, ND4L And ND6 Structural Genes Of mtDNA Among Russians
49 Reena Roy Analysis of Autosomal and Y-Chromosome STR from Cigarettes Butts after Treatment with Fingerprint Reagents
50 Scott Schroeder Modifications to Cycle Sequencing Purification Protocols to Alleviate the Need for Resequencing of mtDNA on the ABI 3100 Capillary Electrophoresis Platform
51 Ryan Vachon Optimization Of mtDNA Control Region Sequencing Using an ABI 3100® Genetic Analyzer 50cm Array and Full and Half Reaction BigDye Version 1.0
52 Chad Ernst, Christopher Los Reanalysis of the Necessity to Process Non-Criminalistic Casework Controls that are Below the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory’s Detection Threshold as Recommended by SWGDAM Guidelines
53 Richon Tate Validation of the Tecan Genesis Robotic Sample Processor for Automated Cycle Sequencing of mtDNA Database Samples
54 Timothy McMahon Validation and Optimization of the ABI 3100a Genetic Analyzer and BigDye Version 1.1 for Processing Mitochondrial DNA Case Samples at the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory
55 Jocelyn Weart Validation of Bone Bleaching and Sonication for Cleaning Skeletal Material Prior to Extraction
56 James DiFrancisco Validation and Optimization of Reliagene’s Y-Plex™6 Kit for Processing Nuclear Case Samples at the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory
57 Susannie Lee Specificity of Sibship Determination using the ABI Identifiler™ Multiplex STR System
58 Melba Ketchum Voodoo, a Dog, and Amplifying Trace Evidence, a Case Study
59 David Sipes Validation Of The AmpFlstr® Identifiler™ PCR Amplification Kit using the ABI PRISM® 310 Genetic Analyzer
60 Dixie Hybki Evaluation of Applied Biosystems’ Rt-PCR Quantification Assays
61 Tanis Gornall Initial Study Using Powerplex®Y on Nonprobative Sexual Assault Evidence
62 Mavis Date Chong Validation of the LINEAR ARRAY™ mtDNA HVI/HVII Region-Sequence Typing Kit for Use in a Missing Persons DNA Program
63 Caitlin MacCarthy Evaluation of the Linear Array mtDNA HVI/HVII Region-Sequencing Typing Kit on African Americans from the SWGDAM mtDNA Population Database
64 Mehul Anjaria Mitochondrial DNA Analysis of Crime Scene Samples using Prototypes of the Linear Array Mitochondrial DNA HVI/HVII Region-Sequence Typing Kit’
65 Kari Yoshida Validation of the Beckman Coulter Biomek® 2000 DNA IQ™ / Aluquant™ System
66 Michael Biondi Forensic Sample Processing using a Robotic Workstation: Automated Paper-Based Spotting of Whole Blood Convicted Offender Samples and High Throughput DNA Isolation for STR Analysis
67 Alan Redd U.S. Population Structure and Admixture: Y-Chromosome Data
68 Diana Andrade Recovery of DNA from Insufficient Samples in Blood Spots and Hair
69 Magda Jimenez Identification of Soldier Human Remains Victims of Aircraft
70 Cristina Alava Detection of a Mixture Profile in Samples from a Sexual Assault with a Low Number of Sperm Count
71 Monica Sloan Peak Height Discordance at the D8S1179 Locus - Implications in the Interpretation of DNA Profiles
72 James Sloots Internal Validation of the Promega PowerPlex® 16-Locus Fluorescent STR Multiplex System
73 Melanie Richard Validation Studies on the Reliagene Y-PLEX™ 6 STR Amplification Kit
74 Scott Johnson Validation of the Promega Corporation Penta BEC Triplex
75 Christian Orrego Singleplex and Duplex Real-Time Quantitative PCR Assays for the Human Nuclear and Mitochondrial Genomes
76 Linnea Schiffner Optimization of PowerPlex®16 for Amplification of Low Copy Number DNA Samples
77 Jacquelyn Kuriger Detection of Y-STR Loci In a Male/Female Mixed Specimen Study
78 Ming Liu High-Performance and Low-Cost Automated Micro-Channel Electrophoresis System for Human DNA Typing
79 Grace Terreros DNA Analysis to Identification of a Multiple Rape Case
80 Gilberto Aponte-Machin Techniques for Tissue Extraction from Teeth for DNA Analysis
81 Anna Barbaro Comparison Among Different Procedures for DNA Extraction in the Forensic Field
82 Robyn Ragsdale Validation Studies of the ABI 3100 Genetic Analyzer for Casework Applications in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Laboratory System
83 Adriano Tagliabracci Y-SNPs and Forensic Applications: A Preliminary Study
84 Frederick Delfin Y-STR Analysis in Child Sexual Abuse Cases in the Philippines
85 Jeff Ban Will the DNA Wizard Replace Us?
86 Stacey Smith The Y-Haplotypes of the South Dakota Native American Sioux
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