11th International Symposium on Human Identification Oral Presentations

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Author Title
Marie Allen Quantification and Sex Determination of Forensic Evidence Materials
Tia H. Aulinskas No Suspect Forensic Casework: A One-in-Five Hit Rate!
Renato Biondo The Impact of CODIS Software in Criminal Investigations in the Italian Police
Barry Brown Program Update on the FBI Laboratory’s CODIS and NDIS Programs
Bruce Budowle STR Primer Concordance Data-Validation Studies
Bruce Budowle History and Future of DNA Typing
David Canter On-Chip Amplification of Genomic DNA with STR and SNP Analysis
James Carey DNA Initiatives in the Caribbean
Patrick Collins Validation of the AMPF/STR Identifiler PCR Amplification Kit
Robin Cotton From the Scientists Point of View: What Constitutes General Acceptance?
Constance L. Fisher Mitochondrial DNA: Today and Tomorrow
Matthew N. Gabriel An Expanded HVI/HVII Sequence-Specific Oligonucleotide (SSO) Probe Typing Strip for the Rapid Screening of Forensic Specimens
Norm Gahn The Wisconsin John Doe Warrant
Luciano Garofano Comparison of PowerPlex® 16 System and other Multiplex STR Typing Kits on Casework
William Goodwin Comparison of Modern Human and Neanderthal DNA
George C. Li Observations Associated with CODIS Hits Obtained by Searching a Large DNA Databank
Barbara Llewellyn The Development of a DNA Biochip for use in Forensic DNA Analysis
Anne Marcotte Use of PowerPlex® 16 in Complex Mixture Analysis of Forensic Samples
Eduardo R. Paradela Feasibility of Conducting PCR-Based DNA Analysis at the Crime Scene
Walther Parson Application of the 3700 DNA Analyzer for Forensic Fragment Analysis
Mark W. Perlin An Expert System for Scoring DNA Database Profiles
Steve Redding STR DNA Admissibility Hearings and the Minnesota Legislative Response to the Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assaults
Rebecca Reynolds Megaplex PCR Amplification and Probe Hybridization for SNP-Based Assays
George R. Riley Increasing Efficiency of High Throughput DNA Typing with a Single Reaction STR Megaplex: Use of PowerPlex® 16 on ABI Platforms
James Schumm Characterization of Properties and Performance of the 96-Capillary Array Format of the ABI PRISM® 3700 Genetic Analyzer and Comparison with Gel-Based Systems
Sudhir K. Sinha Development and Validation of a Six-Locus Y-Chromosome STR Multiplex System for Human Identity Applications
Cynthia Sprecher The PowerPlex® 16 System: Development and Validation
Kevin Sullivan Future Improvements in the Utility of DNA Profiling as an Intelligence Tool
Christine Tomsey Validation Efforts for Megaplex Systems
Anne B. Tomsic DNA Admissibility in Colorado: People v. Shreck
Lois A. Tully Funding Update from the National Institute of Justice
Joseph Warren Validation Studies on the Y-Plex™ 6 Kit
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