11th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Marie Allen Experiences from Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing of Shed Hair found in Lakes
2 Marie Allen Casework Experience in DNA Analysis of Material Isolated from Clothes, Jewelry, Cellular Phones and Fingerprints
3 Cintia Alves African (Mozambique) STR Data using the AMPF/STR Profiler Plus™ and GenePrint® CTTV Kits
4 Charles Barna Preliminary Laboratory Validation and Concordance Studies of Promega’s PowerPlex® 16 STR Typing Kits
5 Charles Barna Laboratory Validation of Applied Biosystems Profiler Plus™ and Cofiler™ STR Typing Kits
6 Charles Barna Extraction and Typing of DNA for Typing of STR Loci from Skin Cells Shed on Bed Sheet Linens Using PCR
7 Robert Bever Identification of Plant trace Evidence using Molecular Techniques
8 Renato Biondo Evaluation of PowerPlex® 16 in a Population of Sardinia using the ABI PRISM® 310 Genetic Analyzer
9 John Butler DNA Mass Spectrometry at the National Institute of Standards and Technology
10 David Carlson Microsphere Assays for Y-Chromosome SNPs
11 Marion Carroll Gene Conversion and Retroposition Potential in Recently Integrated Alu Elements
12 Juana Castenada Recovery and Identification of Mitochondrial and Nuclear DNA Sequences of a 500-Year -Old Inca Mummy
13 Ding-Ping Chen Determination of Sibship for Chinese in Taiwan
14 Patrick Collins Development of a 5-Dye DNA Fragment Analysis Dye Set for use on ABI PRISM® Instruments
15 Gail M. Conklin Witnesses Assist in Identifying Remains of a Missing Deserter
16 Michael A. Connolly Automated Methods for Storing Samples Stored on FTA® Paper
17 John Crews Critical Comparison of Human Mitochondrial DNA Control Region with Hypervariable Region 1 and Hypervariable Region 2
18 Frederica Crivellente The Application of pH Mediated Sample Stacking in the Analysis of Multiplexed Short Tandem Repeats
19 Yasser Daoudi Identification of Missing Individuals from Bosnia and Herzegovina using Mitochondrial DNA Analysis
20 Debang Liu Locus-Specific Brackets in STR Genotyping
21 Ana M. Di Lonardo Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Polymorphisms in Argentine Population
22 Ana M. Di Lonardo STR Loci: CSF1PO, TPOX, F13A01, FESFPS, vWA, F13B and LPL Allele Frequencies in Argentine Population
23 Ana M. Di Lonardo Allele Frequencies Analysis of Four VNTR Loci in Argentine Population
24 Ana M. Di Lonardo Genotype Reconstruction and Paternity Testing of Dead Father
25 Ana M. Di Lonardo Allele Frequencies of Two VNTR Loci in Argentine Population
26 Noelle Dimo-Simonin Mitochondrial DNA Testing in Switzerland
27 Suni M. Edson Polymorphic Variation Between Full Siblings in the Mitochondrial DNA HV2 Region C-Stretch
28 Keith Elliot Cell Separation
29 Steven Fain Genetic Variation in the Forth American Black Bear: East Meets West
30 Mauro Figueiredo Fluorescent Multiplex PCR for Simultaneous Analysis of Seven STRs on the Y-Chromosome
31 Sylvie Frackowiak A Mutation Detected in DNA from Sperm Cells of an Individual Involved in a Rape Case
32 Wing K. Fung Evaluating Forensic Mixtures Under Dependence NRC-II Recommendations 4.1 and 4.2
33 Sandor Furedi Population Genetic Analysis on the 13 CODIS Core STR Loci in Three Hungarian Populations
34 Alexandra Gavrilidis Resolution of Unusual Cases by the use of Autosomal STRs, Y-STRs and mtDNA Sequencing Analysis
35 Andrea Carla de Souza Goes Variation of PCR Parameters to Optimize Amplification of Severely Degraded Bone DNA
36 Susan Greenspoon Measurements of Sensitivity Regarding the PowerPlex® 1.1, 2.1 and Cofiler™ Kits using the Hitachi FMBIO® and ABI 310 Formats
37 H. Edward Grotjan PowerPlex® 16: Ability to Resolve Challenging Paternity Cases
38 Hisashi Hagiwara Rapid Detection of PCR Products by a Microfabricated Device
39 Jaime Handelsman Matrix Files: Problems & Solutions
40 Rockne Harmon Post-Conviction DNA Testing: Should there be Limits?
41 John M. Hartmann DNA Typing of Mixed Gender Physiological Fluids and Aspermic Ejaculate using Y-Chromosome Specific STRs
42 Peter Hau Fluorescent Four-State MSI MVR-PCR Mapping of DNA from Chewing Gum in Casework
43 Mavis Hendson Magnetic Bead Extraction of DNA from Semen, Blood, Vaginal and Buccal Cells
44 Guangwei Hou DNA Purifying Method from Bone Samples by Agarose Gel Electrophoresis for STR Multiplex Amplifications
45 William R. Hudlow Rapid, Accurate Digital DNA Quantitation using the CCDBIO 16HC
46 Linda B. Jankowski Comparison and Validation of FTA®, Chelex and Qiagen Extraction Methods on Blood Spotted FTA® Cards for the Analysis of the 13 Core STR Loci
47 Xianhua Jiang Study of Establishment Mode of DNA Database in China
48 Xianhua Jiang ABO Genotyping by PCR Direct Sequencing Method
49 Xianhua Jiang Analysis of Myelin Basic Protein (MBP) Locus in China Hans and its Application to Forensic Science
50 Melba Ketchum Crime and Animal Genetics: Use of Canine Mitochondrial DNA as Supporting Evidence
51 Wook Kim Multiplexing of Y-Chromosome STRs and Population Study for DNA Profiling in Koreans
52 Kristin Koch Forensic use of Abacus Onestep Abacard® Test for the Identification of the p30 Antigen
53 Kong Boon Lim Positive Identification of a Serial Rapist using RFLP DNA Analysis
54 Felipe Konotop Analysis of Polyacrylamide Gel Matrices for the Detection of Fluorescent Megaplex STR Alleles
55 Christopher Larsen Validation of Mitochondrial DNA Analysis for Forensic Casework Utilizing Capillary Electrophoresis Detection
56 Christine E. Lemire Forensic Aspects of Trace Human Blood Evidence: From Presumptive Test to STR Profile
57 Eleni N. Levedakou Characterization, Validation and Population Studies of PowerPlex® 2.1, a Nine-Locus STR Multiplex System, and the Penta D Monomer
58 Li Jun Polymorphism Study of FOLP23 Locus in China Northern Hans
59 Yacheng Liu The Effect of DNA Analysis on Crime Investigation
60 Maria Mercedes Lojo Polymarker and HLA DQA1 Gene and Genotypic Frequencies Distribution Among the State of Buenos Aires
61 Jose Lorente Argentinian Population Data for 8 STR Loci Using Silver-Staining Based Technologies
62 Jose Lorente Sequential Multiplex Amplification with PowerPlex® 16
63 France Mailly Validation of Profiler Plus™ for a French Canadian Population using a Cost-Effective Approach Suitable for Small Forensic Samples
64 France Mailly Validation of AMPF/STR Cofiler™ for a French Canadian Population using a Cost-Effective Approach Suitable for Small Forensic Samples
65 Kevin McElfresh Finding the Needle in the Haystack: How Many Loci Does it Take to Find a Single Individual in a DNA Database of 2 Million Individuals?
66 Terry Melton The Case of Degraded DNA: mtDNA Analysis to the Rescue
67 Marilyn Menotti-Raymond Domestic Cat Hairs: DNA Yield from Singel Hairs, Success Rate in Amplifying STR and mtDNA Targets, Estimating DNA Yield using Multicopy Target
68 Keith L. Monson Mitosearch: Software for Managing and Searching Mitochondrial DNA Profiles
69 Karl A. Morton A Simple Heat Elution of Human Genomic DNA from FTA® Treated Paper using Water
70 Jeremy Myers Amplification Dynamics of Recently Integrated L1 Repeats
71 Monica Nembrot VNTR and STR Polymorphism in Argentine Population Allele Frequency Distribution
72 Son V. Nguyen Recently Integrated Human Alu Repeats: Finding Needles in the Haystack
73 Christa Nussbaumer DNA Typing of Epithelial Cells after Physical Contact of Different Strength
74 Karla A.A. de Paula PowerPlex® 1.1 Allelic Frequencies in the Federal District of Brazil
75 Gina M. Pineda Challenges and Experience in Forensic Mitochondrial DNA Analysis
76 Rocio Lizarazo Quintero Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA Sequences of HVI and HVII Control Regions from Individuals Living in Bogota, Colombia
77 Robyn L. Ragsdale Analysis of Percent Stutter for the 13 Core CODIS Loci using Profiler Plus™ and Cofiler™
78 Jennifer E. Reynolds Successful DNA Extraction from Serum Samples
79 Reena Roy STR Typing from Bloodstained Fabric without DNA Extraction
80 Reena Roy STR Concordance Study Using Twins and Triplets from Malawi, Africa, and the United States
81 Christian M. Ruitberg New Primer Sets for Y Chromosome and CODIS STR Loci
82 Christian M. Ruitberg STRBase: Update on the NIST Forensic STR Database
83 M. AL. Salih A New Strategy for using Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Analysis in Sexual Assault and Rape Cases
84 Wera Margarete Schmerer STR Genotyping of Highly Degraded DNA: Reproducibility and Methodical Optimization
85 Wera Margarete Schmerer PCR Optimizing Strategies: Reduction of the Accumulation of Stutter Bands in STR Amplifications of Modern and Highly Degraded DNA
86 Thomas Scholl Identification of Polymorphic Nucleotides that Affect the Performance of Multiplex STR Systems Employed for CODIS Profiling
87 Thomas Scholl Automated Extraction and Quantification of DNA from Criminal Offender Specimens Stored on a Variety of Substrates
88 James W. Schumm STR Analysis Employing Accelerated Hybridization Techniques with the Nanogen Chip Technology
89 Hiroaki Senju Simple Detection and Screening Method of Heteroplasmy on the Mitochondrial DNA HV1 Region
90 Farideh Shadravan Sizing Precision and Reproducibility Studies of AMPF/STR Kits with the ABI PRISM® 3700 DNA Analyzer
91 Nikia Sherman A Comparative Study on the Analysis of STR Loci Involving the Promega PowerPlex® 1.1 Kit and the Applied Biosystems AMPF/STR Profiler Plus™ and Cofiler™ Kits
92 John Shultz Rapid Measurement of Human-Specific DNA in Mixed DNA Samples Through the use of a Coupled Enzyme System
93 Dayse Silva DNA Recovery from Vaginal Smear Slide
94 David E. Sipes FTA® Beyond the Everyday: Novel FTA® Applications to Improve Efficiency
95 Helmuth Sippel Forensic Casework Experience: FTA® as a Matrix for Blood Samples from Fresh and Decomposed Bodies
96 Norma Szakacs Perspectives on DNA Casework: Unusual Exhibits Mixture Interpretation and Profiles from Inhibited PCR Reactions
97 Antoon Vandenberghe Allele Drop-Out at Loci D13S317 and CD4 Associated with Variations in Primer Sequences
98 Brian Ward Cross Validation of Allele Calling Software for STR Analysis in Felon Databasing Applications: "Allelecaller" versus "Genotyper"
99 Amy B. Welsh Implementation of a 96-Well High-Throughput Method for Mitochondrial DNA Databasing
100 Douglas J. Wilkin DNA Chips, Micro CE and Human ID
101 Charlotte J. Word Multiple Laboratory Validation of Fluorescent STRs using Proficiency Test Results
102 Toshimichi Yamamoto Rapid Detection of Allele-Specific Minisattellite Variant Repeat Mapping at D1S8 (MS32) with Fluorescent Labeled dNTPs
103 Toshimichi Yamamoto STR Loci in Primates Detected by Four Fluorescent-Based Multiplex PCR Amplification and Typing Kits
104 Juan J. Yunis Allele and Haplotype Frequencies of 6 Y-Specific STRs in a Sample of African Descent Individuals in Colombia
105 Juan J. Yunis Are Two Exclusions Enough to Exclude in Paternity Testing?
106 Stephen M. Zelik The Occurrence of Inherited Anomalous Alleles in the STR Loci D16S539 and D5S818
107 Xiufen Zheng Polymorphism of New Y-STR A10 and C4 Loci in Chinese
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