10th International Symposium on Human Identification Oral Presentations

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Author Title
James F. Crow DNA Forensics; Past, Present and Future
Debbie Smith The Role DNA Typing Played in Finding and Convicting my Assailant
Shirley S. Abrahamson & Christopher H. Asplen The National Commission on the Future of DNA Evidence
Arthur Eisenberg DNA Advisory Board Update
George R. Riley A Public and Private Sector Partnership for Using the Promega PowerPlex™ CODIS STR Megaplexes in Forensic Casework, Convicted Felon Databanking and No-Suspect Casework Screening
Lisa Forman Federal Funding for Forensic DNA Programs: Knowing the Ropes and Avoiding the (K)nots
Dragan Primorac Identification of Human Remains from Mass Graves Found in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hermann Schmitter Strategies in Forensic Stain Analysis
R.A. Wickenheiser Suspect DNA Profiles Obtained from the Handles of Weapons Recovered at Crime Scenes
Nalin C.W. Gooneskere Use of DNA Typing for Criminal Casework in Sri Lanka
Jennifer Smith & George W. Clarke Analysis of the California v. Bodkin Trial Court Decision Concerning the Inadmissibility of STR Evidence - The Law and the Science
Rockne P. Harmon Legal Experiences with PCR-STR Typing
Peter Neufeld The Innocence Project
Rick Conway Presenting DNA Typing Evidence in the Virginia Courts
Jack Ballantyne Education Versus Training in the Bio-Molecular Forensic Laboratory
Jose A. Lorente An Update on the GITAD Project in Latin America: Typing the 21st Century
Peter D. Martin DNA Profiling in Crime Investigations: An European Overview
Juan J. Yunis DNA Typing in Colombia: Previous Experiences and Future Outlook
Barry Brown NDIS & CODIS Program Update
Jeffrey D. Ban The Pros and Cons of a Large Scale Outsourcing of Convicted Offender Samples
Barbara Llewellyn Casework and Indexing Efforts Underway in Illinois
Todd W. Bille Databasing Efforts Underway in Indiana
Roger Morrison Databasing Efforts in Alabama – Past and Present
George C. Maha Uniform Parentage Act (UPA)
James M. Mason Automation in GBA Analysis
Arthur J. Eisenberg Determination of Paternity in Cases Requiring Reconstruction
Michael L. Baird AABB Accreditation of Parentage Testing Laboratories
Teresa H. Aulinskas Dna Testing in Kinship Analysis
Robert C. Giles "STR Wars – May the Fluorescence Be With You": The Use of Fluorescent STR Systems in a High Volume Paternity Laboratory
Brian J. McKeown Automation of Paternity Testing
Ronald G. Sosnowski The Use of DNA Microchips in an Automated System for STR Analysis
Yeon-Bo Chung Palm-Print on Stickers as a Replacement of Blood-Drawing for DNA Tests
Allan Tereba Simultaneous Purification and Quantitation of DNA from Database Blood and Buccal Swab Samples
Ranajit Chakraborty Short Tandem Repeats Versus Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms: A Comparative Study of Utility for Human Identification
C. Calloway Characterization of Heteroplasmy Across Various Tissue Types and Age Groups
Matthew N. Gabriel Improved Strategies For mtDNA Sequence Analysis of Highly Degraded Forensic Remains
Bruce Budowle Interpretation Guidelines for Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing
Mechthild Prinz Experiences with Using Y Chromosome Specific STRs in Forensic Casework
Deborah Hobson STR Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis: Development of Interpretation Guidelines for the Profiler Plus™ and Cofiler™ Systems for Use in Forensic Science
C. Sprecher Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Multiplex Systems
Kevin C. McElfresh Implementing a Large STR Database: Consequences and Surprises
Margaret C. Kline Results From the 1999 NIST Mixed-Stain Study #2: DNA Quantitation, Differential Extraction, and Identification of the Unknown Contributors
Sean Walsh Utility of STR Genotyping Software in Forensic Casework and Databanks
Bill Hudlow High Throughput Genotyping of the Thirteen Core CODIS Loci Using Hitachi’s FMBIO® Analysis 8.0 and STaR Call™ 3.0 Software
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