10th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Alexandra Gavrilidis Y-STR Haplotype Frequencies in an Australian Caucasian Population
2 Alexandra Gavrilidis Mutations, Variations and Missing Alleles in the STR Systems
3 Ray Wickenheiser Unusual Exhibit Material Yielding Successful DNA Profiles Using PCR STR Typing
4 Craig Leibelt ABI™ Prism® 377 DNA Sequencer, 96 Lanes: Validation with AmpFISTR™ Multiplex Kits
5 Jeffrey S. Sailus A Summary of the Validation of the Thirteen Core CODIS Loci for Implementation in Casework Analysis
6 Jagannadha Kandala Validation Studies of Perkin-Elmer's AmpFISTR® Profiler Plus™ and Cofiler™ Kits Using the ABI 310 CE
7 Noelle Dimo-Simonin Performance of Different DNA Polymerases in the Amplification and Sequencing of the mtDNA Control Region
8 Jeff Bacher Chromosome Localization of CODIS Loci and New Pentanucleotide Repeat Loci
9 Dawne Vernon Evaluation of the Impact of Three Federal Programs for DNA Enhancement in the U.S. Forensic Laboratories
10 Michael Nerenberg STR and SNP Identification on an Electronic Microchip
11 Joseph Warren A Pedigree Analysis of Two Multi-Generational Lineages Determine the Point Mutation Rates of the Human Mitochondrial D-Loop Region
12 Tsewei Wang Clustering Study of STR Allele Distribution Patterns
13 Charles Brenner The Power of SNP's - Even Without Population Data
14 Susan Greenspoon Investigations Into the "Re-Amp" Procedure for Use on Forensic Samples
15 Thomas Scholl Advancement in Allele-Calling Accuracy and Throughput
16 Jennie Groover An International Study on the Detection of Heteroplasmy in Mitochondrial DNA
17 Karl Hecker Size-Based Separation of DNA Fragments by Ion-Pair Reversed-Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography
18 Joseph Devaney Short Tandem Repeat Analysis using High Performance Liquid Chromatography
19 Doug Birdwell A Hierarchical Database Design and Search Method for CODIS
20 Tsang-Ming Ko Molecular Analysis of the Two Hypervariable Regions of Mitochondrial DNA in Taiwanese 
21 Mei Yun Wu A Population Genetic Study of Three STRs Loci in a Chinese Han Population in Chengdu, PR China
22 Ragaa Darwish The Efficacy of Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Technique to Determine Sex from Human Hair
23 Ragaa Darwish Medicolegal Study on Personal Identification from Different Radiological Techniques of the Calvarium
24 Lois Tully Development of a Heteroplasmic Mitochondrial DNA Standard Reference Material for Detection of Heteroplasmy and Low Frequency Mutations
25 Sandor Füredi Population Genetic Data on Five Autosomal and Eight Y-Chromosomal STR Loci in Two Hungarian Populations
26 Srivastava Varsha DIS80 Locus Variability in Indian Population
27 Chad Ernst Mitochondrial DNA Analysis of Human Hair: Decontamination Study & Application to Forensic Casework
28 Hu Lan Forensic Application of PowerPlex™ 1.2 in Chinese Population
29 Jannette Redman Long Term Storage of Bloodstains on Various Storage Media
30 Luciano Chaves Arantes Genetic Variation Analysis for Thirteen STR Loci in the Federal District Population of Brazil
31 Xiufen Zheng Genetic Variation at Eight Loci in Chinese Hans Populations Living in the Mainland of China
32 Kathleen Sartor STR Population Data for Arizona Hispanic, Navajo and Apache Populations
33 Kazumasa Sekiguchi Human Mitochondrial DNA Heteroplasmic Variation Among Thirteen Maternally-Related Family Members
34 Susan Jones Development of an Efficient, High-throughput Strategy for Sequence Analysis of the Entire Human Mitochondrial DNA Control Region
35 Ryzard Pawlowski The Forensic Validation Studies of Profiler Plus™ and Allele Frequencies of Profiler Loci in a Polish Population
36 Tabithah Marcacci Validation of the Rosys® and Hamilton Robots using FTA® Paper to Analyze Offender Liquid Blood Samples
37 Li-Hui Tseng Development of Adult T-Cell Leukemia in a Patient with HTLV-I Seronegative Mother: Confirmation of Parentage Using Thirteen Short Tandem Repeat Loci Analysis
38 Amy Smuts DNA from Urine as a Potential Source of Identification
39 Kimberlyn Nelson Mitochondrial DNA Testing: Casework in the Private Sector, Heteroplasmy and Genetic Diversity Within the United States
40 Peter Yallay Comparison of the QIAamp® DNA Mini Kit and Traditional Methods of DNA Extraction: A Safe, Quick and Inexpensive Alternative for Genetic Typing
41 Marcin Wozniak DNA Mixture Detection: A Comparison of FFFL and PowerPlex™ 1.2 Amplification Systems
42 Elizeu Carvalho DNA Typing: Criminal Cases and Human Remains Identification in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
43 Luiz A. F. da Silva Identification of Murdered Victims from Illegal Cemeteries in Alagoas, Brazil, by the Use of Short Tandem Repeats (STR)
44 Filipe Silva Detection of Microsatellite Instability in Gastric Carcinomas, Using the AmpFISTR™ Profiler Plus™ PCR Amplification Kit
45 Juan Yunis Population Frequencies for CSF1PO, TPOX, TH01, F13AO1, FES/FPS and vWA in Seven Amerindian Populations from Colombia
46 Juan Yunis MtDNA Analysis of Paleoindian Settlers in Colombia
47 Juan Yunis Population Frequencies for CSF1PO, TPOX, TH01, F13AO1, FES/FPS, vWA, D12S1090, D3S1744 and D18S849 in a Sample of Black Population from Colombia
48 Juan Yunis Complete Identification in the Most Publicized Kidnapping Case in Colombia
49 Juan Yunis Use of STR Typing in the Identification of Human Remains from Common Graves and Kidnapping Cases in Colombia
50 Melba Ketchum Use of 11 Fluorescently Labeled Canine STRs in a Single Lane Analysis to Solve a Criminal Case
51 Frederick Leung DNA Profiling of Chinese Population in Hong Kong
52 Bruce McCord Sample and Buffer Effects in the Analysis of DNA by Capillary Electrophoresis
53 Dayse Silva Validation of CODIS 13 Loci and Pentanucleotide (Penta E) for Three Brazilian Populations (Rio Black, Non-black and Brazilian Central West Population) a Statistic and Comparative Study
54 Tia Ferguson Validation of the AmpFISTR™ Profiler Plus™ and Cofiler™ PCR Amplification Kits Using the ABI™ PRISM® 310 Genetic Analyzer
55 Thaha Rasool Allelic Frequency of Selected Short Tandem Repeats (STR) Loci in a Random Sample of Kerala Population
56 Mindy Goldsborough The Utility of the FTA® Gene Guard System for Analysis of Buccal Swab Transfers
57 Myun-Soo Han DNA Profiles of the Sixteen STR Loci in the Korean Population
58 Myun-Soo Han Identification Case of the Seven Fire-Victims Using DNA Typing
59 M. Al. Salih Polymorphism in Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Analysis for Forensic Cases
60 Ronald Rubocki Loss of Heterozygosity Detected in a Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Locus Commonly Used for Human DNA Identification
61 James L. Wisecarver Multiple Alleles at Four STR Loci: Contamination or...?
62 Stefanie Turek Extracting Amplifiable DNA from Gloves
63 David Stivers Evaluation of the Potential of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs) for Current and New Applications in Human Identification
64 Amy Price Stutter Band Analysis of the GenePrint® PowerPlex™ 1.1 System Using the Type II Calculation Method of FMBIO® Analysis Software
65 Hisashi Hagiwara A New Approach Towards the Rapid Detection of SNP
66 Dan Sullivan DNA Extraction from Bovine Bone: A Training Method Which Detects Human Contamination
67 Piotr Koziol A Study of Four STR Loci (D16S539, D7S820, D13S317, D5S818) in Southeast Poland
68 John Planz Evaluation of 13 Microsatellite Loci in a Population Sample from Hong Kong, China
69 Ryan Parr MtDNA Analysis of a Roman-Christian Period Cemetery at the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt
70 David Parsons Resolution of a Typing Difference Between Perkin-Elmer's AmpFISTR™ Profiler Kit and Promega's PowerPlex™ 1.1 Kit Using Sequence Analysis
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