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MagneSil® Total RNA mini-Isolation System

Z3351 Promega MagneSil® Total RNA Mini Isolation System
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Fast, Automated RNA Isolation from Small Amounts of Cells, Tissue or Blood

  • Liquid handler-compatible
  • Concentrated RNA eluted in as little as 15μl


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MagneSil® Total RNA mini-Isolation System
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$ 1,271.00
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The MagneSil® Total RNA mini-Isolation System provides a high-throughput 96-well format for fast, simple preparation of intact total RNA from small amounts of cell culture (≤1 × 105 tissue culture cells), tissue (≤2mg tissue lysate in 100μl) or freshly isolated whole blood (≤20μl). The protocol enables high-throughput automated purification on a variety of liquid-handling workstations. Isolation of total RNA in a 384-well format from cell culture (≤1 × 103 cells) and freshly isolated whole blood (≤5μl) also may be performed. Total RNA purification is achieved without vacuum filtration, centrifugation or precipitation. The 96-well procedure takes about 30 minutes to complete using a liquid-handling workstation.

Total RNA purified using this system is suitable for a variety of molecular biology applications including endpoint RT-PCR amplification and real-time RT-PCR.

  • Only 30 minutes are required to process one 96-well plate, or 50 minutes for one 384-well plate on a Beckman Coulter Biomek® FX liquid handler.
  • Elution volumes as low as 15μl provide concentrated RNA without the need for time-consuming vacuum concentration.
  • DNase I treatment is included to remove genomic DNA contamination.


What's in the box?

Item Part # SizeAvailable Separately

Nuclease-Free Water

P1195 1 × 150ml View Product

RNA Lysis Buffer (RLA)

Z305D 1 × 100ml View Product

DNase Stop Solution

Z312D 1 × 26.5ml

Yellow Core Buffer

Z317D 1 × 25ml

MnCl2, 0.09M

Z318D 1 × 5ml

MagneSil® RNA Paramagnetic Particles

Z336D 1 × 20ml

DNase I (lyophilized)

Z358A 4 × 1 vial


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