MagneSil® Genomic, Fixed-Tissue System

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Magnetic Method to Purify DNA from FFPE Tissue

  • One-hour purification after overnight proteinase K digestion
  • No centrifugation of lysate required
  • Amplifiable DNA from 10µM FFPE tissue slices


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MagneSil® Genomic, Fixed-Tissue System
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$ 420.00
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Amplification-Ready DNA from FFPE Tissue in 1 Hour

The MagneSil® Genomic, Fixed Tissue System provides a fast, simple technique for extracting genomic DNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue. After an overnight Proteinase K digestion, genomic DNA can be manually purified from FFPE thin tissue sections in less than an hour, and up to 12 samples can be processed at a time using the MagneSphere® Technology Magnetic Separation Stand (twelve-position) (Cat.# Z5342).

The optimized protocol and wash buffers yield genomic DNA that is largely free of small DNAs, which are potent inhibitors of PCR amplification. Amplifiable genomic DNA can be isolated from 10μm thin sections without centrifugation of the lysate prior to purification. Targets as large as 450–1,800bp can be amplified, and multiplex PCR can be performed using DNA purified with this system.


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Item Part # Size Concentration Available Separately


A825C 1 × 900μl View Product

Lysis Buffer

A826C 1 × 40ml View Product

2X Wash Buffer

A827C 1 × 30ml View Product

Elution Buffer

A828C 1 × 15ml View Product

Incubation Buffer

D920C 1 × 35ml


V125A 1 × 1.125ml 1M

Proteinase K

V302A 2 × 10mg View Product

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