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STR Amplification

STR amplification systems for your forensic, paternity and relationship-testing applications which meet global and regional database requirements.

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PowerSeq 46GY

The PowerSeq™ 46GY System combines globally used autosomal STR loci with 23 Y-STR loci in a massively parallel sequencing application.

PowerPlex® Fusion System

Co-amplification and fluorescent detection of 24 loci.

DC2402, DC2408

PowerPlex® 21 System

Multiplex STR system for human identification.

DC8902, DC8942

PowerPlex® 18D System

Multiplex STR system for use in database and paternity testing.

DC1802, DC1808

PowerPlex® ESX 17 and ESI 17 Fast Systems

Co-amplification and 5-color detection of ENFSI-recommended STR loci.

DC1710, DC1711, DC1720, DC1721, DC1731, DC1730

PowerPlex® ESX 16 and ESI 16 Fast Systems

Co-amplification and 5-color detection of ENFSI-recommended STR loci.

DC1610, DC1611, DC1630, DC1631, DC1620, DC1621

PowerPlex® CS7 System

Multiplex STR assay for relationship testing and human identification.


5X AmpSolution™ Reagent, PunchSolution™ Kit and SwabSolution™ Kit

Rapid, simple preparation methods for swabs and punches for direct amplification using PowerPlex® STR Systems.

DM1231, DC9271, DC8271

PowerPlex® Fusion 6C System

6-color co-amplification and detection of 27 loci.

DC2705, DC2720, DC2780

WEN Internal Lane Standards

For use with PowerPlex® Systems.

DG5001, DG5101, DG5201

PowerPlex® Y23 System

5-dye STR multiplex for amplification of 23 Y-STR loci.

DC2305, DC2320

2800M Control DNA

For human STR analysis.

DD7101, DD7251

PowerPlex® Matrix Standards

DNA fragments labeled with fluorescent dyes for use with the PowerPlex® Systems.

DG4640, DG4800, DG5640, DG4850, DG4900

Internal Lane Standard 600

Consists of 22 bands ranging from 60bp to 600bp.


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