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Forensic Resources

Welcome to our resource page for human identification and forensic DNA analysis.

Explore options for casework sample processing, STR analysis, MPS library prep and more!

Flexible Nucleic Acid Solutions

From sample preprocessing to post-purification applications, the Maxprep® Liquid Handler easily integrates wherever you need it in your laboratory workflow. The Maxprep® Liquid Handler comes with all the methods preloaded. The easy-to-use software interface means anyone in your lab will be able to quickly run samples using the preprogrammed protocols, and that means no methods to create or protocols to write. The Maxprep® Liquid Handler ensures that every sample is handled the same way every time.

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CE Analysis

We developed the Spectrum Family of CE instruments with the day-to-day challenges of the forensic analyst in mind. Whether you process a handful or hundreds of samples per day, you’ll love the increased flexibility and convenience of Spectrum. Discover which Spectrum CE instrument is right for you.

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Casework Sample Processing

Rapidly process sexual assault evidence samples and challenging samples with the Casework Direct Kit. The simple, no-wash protocol maximizes the recovery of DNA from low-abundance samples. Lysates are ready for quantitation or STR amplification.

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Ease Your Transition to MPS

Massively parallel sequencing (MPS) offers a solution to one of the tougher challenges encountered when using CE for casework. However, adopting a new technology comes with its own challenges. The PowerSeq® family of products can help your forensic lab make a smooth transition to MPS.

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