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Automation As You Imagined for Your Forensic Laboratory

The Maxprep® Liquid Handler integrates easily into your forensic laboratory workflow to simplify sample preprocessing, as well as post-extraction DNA quantitation, normalization and amplification setup. It comes with preloaded software methods—no programming experience required. Users can be trained and running samples within hours compared to the time involved in developing or purchasing complicated liquid handling protocols.

Maxprep Liquid Handler Instrument for Forensics

The Maxprep® Liquid Handler integrates perfectly with the Maxwell® RSC 48 and Maxwell® FSC Instruments to provide an end-to-end, automated forensic DNA analysis solution.

Sample Quantitation Setup
Direct Amplification STR Setup for Database Samples
DNA Normalization and STR Setup for Casework Samples

Service and Support

Our instruments are backed by a comprehensive standard warranty, expert service and a full line of additional service products. The Maxprep® Liquid Handler is installed by qualified Promega personnel who will test the instrument, document installation actions and train lab personnel to successfully operate the instrument. Additionally, Promega can offer flexible, consultative Validation Services to those forensics laboratories who wish to add the Maxprep® Liquid Handler into their workflow, but who lack the resources to do so themselves.


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