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Fragment Analysis and Sanger Sequencing At Your Convenience

The Spectrum Compact CE System offers Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis right on your benchtop. With flexible run scheduling and an easy-to-use interface, you’ll no longer be dependent on sequencing services, batch processing or colleagues’ schedules.

One Small but Mighty Instrument

  • Convenient size designed to fit on your benchtop
  • Separate consumables cartridges for greater flexibility and reduced consumable waste
  • Preloaded assays for many commercially available sequencing and STR kits

Flexible Consumables

Save money and reduce reagent waste with separate plug-and-play consumables. All consumables are managed via 2D barcode.


A. Barcode Scanner

B. Capillary Cartridge

C. Cathode Buffer Cartridge

D. Polymer Cartridge

E. Sample Cartridge

F. Anode Buffer Cartridge

Maintaining consumables in the Spectrum Compact CE System is quick and easy. Watch this video for an overview.

Easy-To-Use, Integrated Touch Screen

The Spectrum Compact CE System features an integrated touch screen with easy-to-use software. Start and track runs, monitor consumable levels and export results with the touch of your finger. The Spectrum Compact CE System Remote Access Software also enables you to edit, monitor or view runs and download data using a PC connected to the instrument either directly or over a lab network.


How can we help?

Promega scientists are available to chat about the instrument and how the Spectrum Compact CE System fits into your workflow.

Please Enquire

One Small Instrument. Unlimited Support.

Promega scientists are ready to help with anything you need. On-site installation and operational training are included with purchase of the instrument, and preventive maintenance, applications training, validation and on-site service are also available. We understand that your work can’t stop, and we’re dedicated to minimizing any interruption to your lab operations.

Looking for More?

Explore more information on the Spectrum Compact CE System, as well as data and video resources.