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Managing a core lab requires knowledge of new technologies and methods, and the ability to apply and scale them to meet the needs of the researchers you serve. We can provide the technology, custom solutions and expert support you need to run an efficient and innovative lab.

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Support from Experts

Our Support Scientists can help you answer questions about protocols or automation so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time executing. Meet our team and hear about the support we provide to researchers in this video.

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Let our experts help you find a solution unique to your lab, whether it’s advice about scaling up or finding a custom formulation or size.

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From tried-and-true reagents to innovative technologies, our wide range of solutions will make your workflow more efficient, freeing up valuable resources.

High-Throughput Extraction


Purify DNA or RNA at scale on any laboratory liquid handler in 24- or 96-well SLAS format with Maxwell® HT Systems. In addition to trusted chemistry, you’ll gain expert support to get started with automation or optimize your current HT workflow.

Protein Analysis


Find a wide range of protein analysis laboratory products, including mass spec proteases, protein purification tags/resins and fluorescent ligands, cell-free and cell-based protein expression systems, and novel methods for detecting and studying proteins at endogenous expression levels.

More Solutions



Sensitive, bright bioluminescent imaging with low background and no excitation required.

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Drug Screening

Cell health and metabolism assays for small molecule screening.

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Nucleic Acid Analysis

Reagents for DNA and RNA analysis, including quantification, PCR and sequencing.

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Tag endogenous proteins via CRISPR insertion—no cloning required.

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Interested in Automating Your Lab to Increase Throughput?

Visit our Lab Automation Resource Center that contains a variety of resources to support your automation journey. Learn how to choose instruments, what to consider when automating a new process, how to automate nucleic acid extraction, and more!

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