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Bioluminescence Assays

Discover the power and convenience of luminescence-based assays. With a broad range of application-specific designs and component reagents, we will partner with you to help you meet your goals. Our investments in people, facilities and technology supporting our bioluminescent platforms give us the opportunity to provide many innovative custom solutions for our customers.

Contact us today, and one of our scientists will be in touch to discuss your needs, challenges and serve as your champion in finding a custom bioluminescence assay solution.

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Why choose Promega as your supplier for custom bioluminescence assays?


Custom Bioluminescence Assays

Learn more about custom bioluminescence assays and reagents.

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Custom Formulations and Formats

From enzymes to co-factors to substrates, we can customize reagents to meet your needs. Our components are available in the custom size and formats of your choice.


Custom Assay Services

In addition to customization of enzymes and substrates, we provide vectors, cell lines, functional bioassays and a custom assay development service.

Our scientists are available to work with you to discuss how to best configure our technologies to meet your application.


Workflow Convenience

In drug discovery screening, efficiency and timeliness of results is critical. Optimize your workflow needs with customized packaging options.


Broad Utility

ATP reactions can be tailored to perform in countless ways. They are useful in applications as broad as compound screening, ATP-based microbe testing, and biologics. Our bioluminescence platform provides you with many options.


Primary Manufacturer

Eliminate uncertainty in your supply chain when you partner with us. As the primary manufacturer of all components of a bioluminescence reaction, you collaborate with the scientists who have designed, manufactured and tested the products that are delivered to you.