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Assay Development and Services

The Promega Assay Development and Services team was established in 2009 to support complete custom solutions for biochemical and cell-based assays. Speed up your workflow with access to our latest technologies, R&D expertise and our commitment to high quality standards. We provide all the post-delivery support to ensure your assay works in your hands. 

In addition to our custom-developed assays and consulting services, we offer prebuilt materials if you choose to design your own assay. Our experience in custom assay development covers a breadth of research areas, such as targeted protein degradation, CRISPR gene editing, bioassays, kinase biology, and more.

Why Partner with Promega Assay Development?

proven experience
automated format options
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application-specific designs
protein degradation crispr knock-in

Protein Degradation/CRISPR Knock-in

The combination of CRISPR/Cas9 knock-in and live-cell bioluminescent detection methods offers a novel approach to study endogenous biology. Changes in protein abundance can be monitored in real time to better understand cellular protein dynamics. 

Services include:

  • Custom knock-in cell line development
  • Protein degradation profiling with optional cell viability monitoring
  • View our current list of available cell line pools and clones

assay services for biologics


Promega offers a broad portfolio of functional reporter bioassays and primary cell-based target cell killing assays. Together with our bioassay development and qualification services, we can help accelerate your biologics drug discovery and development workflow.

Services include:

  • Bioassay design and development
  • Assay optimization using client antibody drugs
  • Stable cell line development
  • Manufacture of bioassay cells in Thaw and Use format
  • Bioassay and reagent qualification services
nanobret target engagement assays

NanoBRET™ Target Engagement Assays

The NanoBRET™ Target Engagement Assays are live-cell binding assays that use an energy transfer technique to measure molecular proximity. These assays also provide information about compound-target residence time and can be used to screen a panel of inhibitors to compare IC50 values.

Services include:

  • Tracer synthesis (from total synthesis to dye conjugation of target molecules)
  • Assay development for novel protein targets 
  • Compound profiling of existing targets (e.g., CRBN, VHL)
  • Selectivity profiling of drug candidates against >200 kinase proteins and compound dose-response follow-ups
protein interactions ppi

Protein:Protein Interaction (PPI) Assays

The bright luminescence and small size of NanoLuc® Luciferase allows sensitive detection of protein interactions in vivo using BRET (NanoBRET™) or complementation reporter-based (NanoBiT®) methods. These assays enable detection of protein interactions at endogenous expression levels in high-throughput, multiwell plate formats.

Services include:

  • NanoBRET™ PPI Assays: Vectors, assay optimization, stable cell line development, compound testing 
  • NanoBiT® PPI Assays: Vectors, assay optimization, stable cell line development, compound testing 
lumit immunoassays

Lumit™ Technology for Immunoassays

Lumit™ Immunoassays provide a simple and fast alternative to conventional immunoassay methods, including sandwich ELISAs and Western blots. The bioluminescence-based method can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. 

Services include:

  • SmBiT® and LgBiT® antibody labeling for X-Y antibodies that can be used to determine the optimal Ab pair for an immunoassay
  • Bulk labeling of selected antibodies from 1mg to 10mg
  • Testing primary Ab pairs with our pre-labeled secondary Ab detection system
  • Custom immunoassay development
reporter gene assays

Reporter Gene Assays

Reporter gene assays can be used to investigate a variety of cellular processes using bioluminescent light output as a sensitive measure of biological activity. We offer a full range of assay products and tools for your research.

Services include:

  • Reporter vectors
  • Assay optimization
  • Stable cell line development
  • Compound testing  

Discuss your assay development requirements with our scientists.