Use of ADCC Reporter Bioassays in Influenza Vaccine Development

Topics covered in this Webinar include:

  • Development of a stable trimeric influenza HA stem as a broadly protective immunogen
  • The role of ADCC as an important bnAb MOA
  • Application of a novel ADCC reporter bioassay to assess bnAb MOA
  • Best practices in ADCC reporter bioassay setup, optimization and application


Increasing evidence suggests that antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) plays a significant role in antibody-mediated protection and control of viral infection.  For influenza in particular, it is becoming increasingly clear that an important in vivo effector function of broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) includes Fc receptor-mediated ADCC.

This webinar will highlight the development of a novel influenza vaccine that induces bnAbs targeting the HA stem and the role of ADCC in protective immunity. 
Dr. Kuipers will also discuss the application of the Promega ADCC reporter bioassays in influenza vaccine development with special emphasis on the setup and use and of a murine FcγRIV version of the assay.



Harmjan Kuipers, PhD
Senior Scientist
Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Belgium

Harmjan Kuipers did his PhD in immunology in the lab of prof. Lambrecht in Rotterdam, The Netherlands focusing on dendritic cell based immunotherapy in murine models of asthma. He then moved for a 2-year postdoc project to the lab of prof. Brocker in Munich, studying microRNAs in dendritic cell development and function. In 2008 he started to work at Crucell, now part of Janssen Vaccines, where is he is currently involved in the development of a universal influenza vaccine.

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