Understanding Luminescent Reporter Assay Design

Topics covered include:

  • Choice of reporter for different applications
  • Tips on reporter construct design
  • Options for integration of controls
  • Considerations when choosing detection reagents



Luminescent reporter assays are widely used across scientific disciplines, and for good reason. Reporters can provide a highly sensitive, quantifiable metric for a variety of cellular events, including gene expression, signal transduction and protein function. Luminescent reporters are also increasingly used for live, real-time measurement of processes in living cells and animals. As the applications continue to expand and reporter assay options become more complex, careful consideration of experimental design is more important than ever.

There are a number of factors to consider when you are designing and optimizing a luminescent reporter assay. This webinar will walk through several essential considerations in luminescent reporter assay design, as well as how to consider the resulting data. By understanding these variables you will be able to design an assay that accurately addresses your experimental question and efficiently advances your project.



Carl Strayer, PhD
Lead Technical Services Scientist
Promega Corporation

Carl Strayer was an academic researcher for 15 years before joining Promega in 2005. Carl earned his PhD from the University of Virginia, and also enjoyed time as a researcher at Texas A&M University, The Scripps Research Institute, and the Medical College of Wisconsin. He has wide experience in a variety of molecular and cell-based techniques and a variety of model systems, including bacteria, plant, cell culture and animal models. The two unifying themes of his research were the elucidation of the molecular genetics of circadian rhythms and the use of luciferase reporters, which he applied in each of these systems. Carl continues to focus on luciferase reporter assays in his work at Promega.


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