Streamline Your Antibody Enrichment Using Scalable Magnetic Bead-Based Chemistries

  • Compare magnetic bead formats for antibody purification or enrichment
  • Discuss techniques for a variety of sample types and adaption for high-throughput applications
  • Detail unique applications such as on-bead conjugation


Antibody-based therapeutics is at the forefront of the burgeoning field of biologics. . In addition to the increased demand for new therapeutics, rigorous potency and quality screening requirements for existing drugs are needed. High throughput techniques for antibody screening and characterization are more essential than ever.  Pure, concentrated antibodies are required to perform many of these analyses, but methods to isolate such samples is often the bottleneck in this workflow.

This webinar will present two magnetic bead-based antibody purification techniques and demonstrate their utility in medium-to-high throughput workflows. We will cover the chemistries of protein A- and G-bound magnetic particles to isolate total immunoglobulin as well as a more targeted antibody enrichment approach using a streptavidin-based method.  We will demonstrate the flexibility of these techniques with a variety of sample types and formats, adaptations for high-throughput applications, and case studies with on-bead protein conjugation and pharmacokinetics.



Samantha Lewis, PhD
Applications Scientist

Samantha Lewis is an Applications Scientist in the Scientific Applications Support Department at Promega. Samantha’s work focuses on the development and support of new applications for existing products in response to customer requests. Prior to joining Promega, Samantha received her PhD in Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology at the University of Wisconsin. Her thesis research focused on the role of de-novo steroidogenesis in fetal gonad development and castration resistant prostate cancer.

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