SoftGenetics GeneMarker HID: A User's Perspective


SoftGenetics introduced themselves to the forensic DNA community by offering a new alternative in STR analysis, GeneMarker®HID. Since their initial launch, GeneMarker®HID has been gaining traction by continuously developing new advancements. Papers have already been published illustrating the software’s capabilities of generating accurate and reliable results. This webinar will focus on a user’s capabilities within the GeneMarker®HID software. The ultimate goal is to illustrate the ease of use, benefits, and additional features for a forensic DNA analyst.


Jessica Seifarth

Jessica Seifarth
Technical Training and Support Specialist
Promega Corporation

Jessica received her Bachelor’s in Biology at Concordia College and her Masters in Forensic Science at Pace University. Currently, she is a member of the Genetic Identity group at Promega as a Technical Support and Training Specialist. Prior to working at Promega, she spent seven years at the Office of Chief Medical Examiner in NYC. She started as an intern and worked her way up to a Criminalist. She was cross trained using traditional and High Sensitivity techniques as applied in criminal cases. She also spent time in the Research and Development team focusing on validating new techniques for the laboratory. In addition, she was a member of the Regional Mass Fatality Management Team as a part of the DNA morgue.

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