Monitoring Mass Spec Instrument Performance and Method Development with Whole Cell Human and Yeast Protein Reference Extracts

  • Introducing mass spec-compatible human and yeast protein extracts for mass spec instrument performance monitoring and method development


To address the need for a complex protein reference material suitable for mass spectrometry analysis, we developed intact and pre-digested whole cell yeast and human protein extracts. This webinar will outline the development and testing of these reference extracts with emphasis on LC/MS compatibility, material reproducibility and amenability to efficient mass spec analysis as measured by high numbers of peptide and protein identifications.



Sergei Saveliev, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
Promega Corporation

Sergei Saveliev is a Senior Research Scientist at Promega. Prior to joining the industry Dr. Saveliev worked on various academic projects including epigenomics, DNA repair and recombination, enzymology, mechanisms of radioresistance and circadian rhythm. Dr. Saveliev’s research efforts were supported by US government funding, and the results were published in the leading academic journals such as the EMBO Journal, PNAS, PLOS, and Genes & Development. After joining Promega Corporation in 2004, Dr. Saveliev utilized his expertise to develop tools for life sciences. Lately, his product development efforts have been focused on tools for protein mass spectrometry sample preparation. Sergei has played the key role in building mass spectrometry protein analytical portfolio at Promega. His efforts are directed toward the development of solutions that help overcome address the major challenges in needs of protein mass spec sample analysis including efficient proteolysis, standardization, suppressing of side effects of protein mass spec sample preparation and others.

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