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Monitoring and Screening Intracellular Protein:Protein Interactions with an improved BRET Assay and Compatible Instrument

This Webinar introduces NanoBRET™ Assays and describes how they can be used to monitor intracellular and real-time inhibition of binding to chromatin after treatment of cells with inhibitors


The interaction of bromodomain proteins with histones is of current high interest for drug targeting, as modulation of this interaction has been implicated in disease.  The NanoBRET™ assay in conjunction with the GloMax® Discover instrument can be used to monitor intracellular and real-time inhibition of binding to chromatin after treatment of cells with inhibitors.

This webinar will explain the NanoBRET™ Assay that is brighter and more sensitive than the standard BRET assay.  This improved system uses NanoLuc® Luciferase as the donor and HaloTag® Fusion protein:HaloTag® NanoBRET™ 618 Ligand as the acceptor.  Most BRET assays are limited to in vitro assays due to the limitations of the donor and acceptor. The NanoBRET™ System allows:

  • Improved signal:background ratio and dynamic range over standard BRET
  • Measurement of interactions in living cells
  • Use of full-length proteins rather than protein domains
  • Monitoring of interacting pairs closer to physiologically relevant protein levels



Jacqui Mendez
Senior Research Scientist
Promega Corporation

Jacqui Mendez is a Senior Scientist in the Functional Proteomics group, leading a range of product development for the study of intracellular protein-protein interactions. She received her B.S from the University of Puerto Rico and her M.S. from the University of Georgia.

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