Advances in Genetically Modified Food and Ingredient Authentication Testing


The detection and quantitation of genetically modified organisms (GM) in food is an issue that has elements of science, public policy and ethics.  Regulations and attitudes towards GM in food vary by country while advances in technology allow for continued use of the technology.   While the regulatory and ethical issues are interesting, a central question is what is the status of the science of detecting GM in food and food ingredients?  

In this webinar, Dr. Hemanth Shenoi will focus on a review of existing and novel methods for detection of transgenic events and the effect of DNA quality on food and food ingredient analysis. 



Hemanth Shenoi, PhD
Global Commercialization Marketing Manager, Applied Markets
Promega Corporation

Hemanth Shenoi, Ph.D. is currently Global Commercialization Marketing Manager, Applied Markets at Promega. His career has focused on the development and commercialization of novel technologies for sample prep and analysis for environmental, food and plant samples including development of point of care nucleic acid-based detection systems for the USGS and USDA for monitoring invasive species and porcine respiratory diseases, respectively. He started his career as an undergraduate focused on plant physiology earning a BS in Biology-Honors from the University of Illinois followed by a Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis.

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