Method Validation and 3D Islet Microtissues for Diabetes Research

What you will learn:

  • Strategies for validating 3D assays
  • 3D assays for cell viability, apoptosis and hormone secretion
  • Using 3D assays with pancreatic islet models


Would you like to learn more about validating assays for use with 3D model systems? Join us for this joint 2-Session Promega-InSphero 3D Webinar Series. In this first session, Dr. Terry Riss from Promega will present the approach used to verify bioluminescent assay performance in 3D models, including assays to measure cell viability, apoptosis, and hormone secretion. Dr. Joan Mir from InSphero will introduce the properties of Islet Microtissues and describe applications for using the 3D-validated assays. Learn more about Islet Microtissues and their benefits for diabetes research in this live webinar.



Dr. Terry Riss
Senior Product Manager, Cell Health
Promega Corporation

Dr. Terry Riss started the Cell Biology program at Promega Corporation in 1990 and held several R&D and Project Management positions since. Dr. Riss managed development of cell viability, cytotoxicity, apoptosis, and protease assay systems and also lead efforts to identify and promote multiplexing of cell-based assays to determine the mechanism of cell death.  Dr. Riss now serves as Senior Product Manager, Cell Health involved in outreach educational training activities including validating assay systems applied to 3D cell culture models. Dr. Riss also serves as an editor of the In Vitro Cell-Based Assays section of the Assay Guidance Manual hosted by The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) at the NIH.


Dr. Joan Mir
Research Scientist

Dr. Joan Mir is a scientist on the Islet Solutions Team at InSphero.  A diabetes researcher with a keen interest in beta cell function, he received his PhD from the University of Barcelona. In his thesis studies, Joan investigated the role of glycogen metabolism in beta cells and beta cell regenerative therapies through stimulation of beta cell proliferation.  At InSphero he is working closely with diabetes researchers in the Pharmaceutical industry and Academia for the discovery and development of new therapies for diabetes.

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