Ask the Experts: Energy Metabolism Assays

Get answers to your questions about cellular metabolism assays.


Energy metabolism is key for cellular function. When there are changes to energy metabolism as a result of disease states like cancer or diabetes, the dysfunction can be measured using cellular metabolism assays. Being able to distinguish perturbations in metabolism or testing compounds that could mitigate or suppress the metabolism changes due to disease is an important part of cutting-edge research.

In this live Q&A session, Dr. Donna Leippe and Dr. Mike Valley will answer your submitted questions and other common questions researchers have about performing cellular metabolism assays. They will share their experience developing, performing and supporting assays used to monitor metabolite consumption and production, along with glucose uptake rates, in cell types such as cancer cells, T cells and differentiated adipocytes. We recommend submitting your questions at registration, but you may also ask questions during the live session.



Dr. Donna Leippe
Sr. Research Scientist
Promega Corporation

Dr. Donna Leippe has spent over 18 years developing technologies and leading research projects as a Senior Research Scientist in R&D at Promega. She is a member of the Assay Design group and focuses on developing bioluminescent technologies for cellular metabolism research. This has included assays for measuring cellular cofactors (NAD/NADH-Glo™ and NADP/NADPH-Glo™ Assays) and multiple cellular metabolites (Lactate-Glo™, Glucose-Glo™, Glutamate-Glo™ and Glutamine/Glutamate-Glo™ Assays). Donna joined Promega after completing her graduate and postdoctoral work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied Viral Immunology at the Institute for Molecular Virology and the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research.


Dr. Mike Valley
Sr. Research Scientist
Promega Corporation

Michael Valley is a Senior Research Scientist in the Assay Design Group at Promega. He earned a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Illinois and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics from the University of Minnesota. He has been trained as an enzymologist, and since joining Promega in 2004, he has been applying his enzymatic skills to a variety of luminescent assays. These include reporter assays (ONE-Glo, Renilla-Glo, and Nano-Glo), drug metabolism assays (MAO-Glo), and viability assays (CellTiter-Glo 2.0 and CellTiter-Glo 3D). He is now working on metabolite detection assays, most recently developing a luminescent assay to measure glucose uptake by cells (Glucose Uptake-Glo).

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