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While initial data analysis can be performed using the Applied Biosystems® 7500 Real-Time PCR System, you can perform secondary data analysis using the PowerQuant® Analysis Tool using an Excel® template. The unique functions of this Microsoft Excel® macro-enabled template allow you to quickly and easily review data and create reports. The quantification values for replicate samples are automatically averaged, and normalized template amounts are calculated based on your optimized STR amplification conditions.

As an alternative to this Excel-based solution, an updated PowerQuant® Analysis Software is available at www.promega.com/resources/software-firmware/ and contains the following new features: 

  • Sample name import functionality into Applied Biosystems® 7500 and QuantStudio™ Real-Time qPCR Systems for PowerQuant® runs.
  • Quantitative and qualitative assessment of PowerQuant® System data generated on Applied Biosystems® 7500 and QuantStudio™ Real-Time qPCR Systems.

Please complete the form below to request a download link for the PowerQuant® Analysis Tool (Excel-Based). This tool can be used for data analysis on any compatible computer that has Excel® software. Instructions for use of this tool can be found in PowerQuant® System Technical Manual #TMD047, which is available at: www.promega.com/protocols/

Below are the system requirements of the PowerQuant® Analysis Tool (Excel-Based):

System Requirements

Operating System: PC running Windows® 98 or higher

Tested using:
  • Windows® XP (32-bit) 
  • Windows® 7 (64-bit) 

RAM: 2 GB or higher

Software Requirement: Microsoft Excel® 2010 or higher

Upon completing the request for download, an email will be sent to you with a link to the downloadable files.

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