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Toxicology in Vitro 19, 231–242. Differential in vitro cytotoxicity of (-)-epicatechin gallate (ECG) to cancer and normal cells from the human oral cavity. 2005

Babich, H., Krupka, M.E., Nissim, H.A. and Zuckerbraun, H.L.

Notes: Epicatechin gallate, a catechin derivate from green tea, was determined to induce apoptosis in human squamous carcinoma (HSC-2) cells but not in normal human gingival (HGF-2) fibroblasts. The CaspACE™ Assay System, Colorimetric, was used to assess caspase-3 activities in HSC-2 cells that had been exposed to 0-250uM epicatechin gallate in culture. (3241)

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J. Neurosci. 22, 1738. Caspase-3-dependent Proteolytic Cleavage of Protein Kinase Cδ is essential for oxidative stress-mediated dopaminergic cell death after exposure to methylcyclopentadienyl manganese Tricarbonyl 2002

Vellareddy Anantharam, Masashi Kitazawa, Jarrad Wagner, Siddharth Kaul, and Anumantha G. Kanthasamy

Notes: The CaspACE™ Assay System was used to determine in situ caspase activity. (2421)

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Infect. Immun. 70, 4336-4343. Inflammatory cytokines enhance the interaction of Mannheimia haemolytica leukotoxin with bovine peripheral blood neutrophils in vitro. 2002

Leite, F., O’Brien, S., Sylte, M.J., Page, T., Atapattu, D. and Czuprynski, C.J.

Notes: Promega’s Human Recombinant Tumor Necrosis Factor-α (rhTNF-α) was added to bovine peripheral blood neutrophils (PMN) to induce expression of lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1 (LFA-1). Researchers incubated 1 x 106 cultured bovine PMNs with 50ng of rhTNF-α for 15 or 60 minutes.  LFA-1 was detected by flow cytometry. The authors also used the Colorimetric CaspACE™ Assay System to assess apoptosis in bovine PMNs. For these studies, protein normalized cell lysates were used to compare caspase-3 activity to LFA-1 expression. (2699)

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J. Biol. Chem. 276, 47202. Contrasting effects of IG20 and its splice isoforms, MADD and DENN-SV, on tumor necrosis factor α-induced apoptosis and activation of Caspase-8 and -3 2001

Al-Zoubi, A.M., Efimova, E.V., Kaithamann, S., Martinez, O., El-Azami El-Idrissi, M., Dogan, R.E., and Prabhakar, B.S.

Notes: Tumore necrosis factor α-induced apoptosis of permanently transfected HeLa cells expressing the IG20 cDNA or its splice isoforms were assayed using the CaspACE™ FITC-VAD-FMK In Situ Marker. The activation os specific caspases was determined using the CaspACE™ Assay System. The Dual-Luciferase Assay System was used to measure TNF α-induced NF-κB activation in HeLA-IG20 cells. (2418)

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Biol. Reprod. 64, 1183-1190. E-cadherin-mediated cell contact prevents apoptosis of spontaneously immortalized granulosa cells by regulating Akt kinase activity. 2001

Peluso, J.J., Pappalardo, A. and Fernandez G.

Notes: Spontaneously immortalized granulosa cells were incubated with 50μM of the pan-caspase inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK to demonstrate that apoptosis occurs after serum withdrawal or EGTA treatment. The inhibitor was added after treatment of the cells for 5 hours. Researchers also used Promega's Colorimetric CaspACE™ Assay System to measure caspase-3 activity in cell lysates. Results were expressed as fold increase in activity.  (2669)

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Cell Death Differ. 7, 393-401. DNA repair is activated in early stages of p53-induced apoptosis. 2000

Geske, F.J., Nelson, A.C., Lieberman, R., Strange, R., Sun, T., Gerschenson, L.E.

Notes: The CaspACE™ Assay System, Colorimetric, was used to measure caspase 3 activity in lysates of MOD mouse mammary carcinoma cells stably transfected with a temperature-sensitive p53. The cells were incubated with and without 50µM Z-VAD-FMK Inhibitor at 30°C for up to 18 hours prior to lysis and assay. The caspase 3 activity was at a maximum 12 hours after the 30°C step (i.e., the p53 is induced) in the temperature-sensitive p53 cells. (1099)

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J. Biol. Chem. 275, 5760-5766.. Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa antagonists induce apoptosis in rat cardiomyocytes by caspase-3 activation. 2000

Adderley, S.R. and Fitzgerald, D.J.

Notes: The CaspACE™ Assay System, Colorimetric was used to analyze DEVDase activity in rat cardiomyocytes exposed to various compounds under hypoxic conditions. The DEVDase activity was measured with the pan-caspase inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK as well as a caspase-3-specific inhibitor, Ac-DMOD-CHO. The specific activity is reported. (2057)

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EMBO J. 19, 4026-4035. Ligand-independent signals from angiotensin II type 2 receptor induce apoptosis. 2000

Miura, S.-I. and Karnik S.S.

Notes: The CaspACE™ Assay System, Colorimetric, was used to measure caspace-3 like protease activity in A7r5 vascular smooth muscle cells transfected with AT2 receptor. (2129)

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EMBO J. 19, 4310-4322. Negative regulation of cytochrome c-mediated oligomerization of Apaf-1 and activation of procaspase-9 by heat shock protein 90 2000

Pandey, P., Saleh, A., Nakazawa, A., Kumar, S., Srinivasula, S.M., Kumar, V., Weichselbaum, R., Nalin, C., Alnemri, E.S., Kufe, D. and Kharbanda, S.

Notes: L929 cells were transfected with Hsp90, selected, and treated with 1 µM staurosporine for 18 hours. Caspase-3 activity was measured using the CaspACE™ Assay System, Colorimetric. (2130)

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J. Biol. Chem. 275, 6421-6427. NFkappaB mediates apoptosis through transcriptional activation of Fas (CD95) in adenoviral hepatitis. 2000

Kuhnel, F., Zender, L., Paul, Y., Tietze, M.K., Trautwein, C., Manns, M., Kubicka, S.

Notes: The CaspACE™ Assay System was used to analyze caspase-3 activation of the mouse liver homogenates derived from mice infected with adenoviruses expressing either β-galactosidase or IκBα. Adenovirus infection activates NF-κB, which in turn increases Fas expression and eventually leads to increased apoptosis. The IκBα delayed the onset of apoptosis in the 2- to 8-hour range. (It is not clear whether the authors used the CaspACE™ Assay System, Fluorometric, or CaspACE™ Assay System, Colorimetric, by the description in the paper). (0857)

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