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Genome Res. 22, 125-133. Preparation of high-quality next-generation sequencing libraries from picogram quantities of target DNA 2012

Parkinson, N.J., Maslau, S., Ferneyhough, B., Zhang, G., Gregory, L, Buck, D., Ragoussis, J., Ponting, C.P. and Fischer, M.D.

Notes: The 1kb DNA Ladder and 1TE, 1X, Molecular Biology Grade were used during library preparation for next-generation sequencing. (4540)

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Genome Res. 7, 974-985. Interpreting a sequenced genome: Toward a cosmid transgenic library of Caenorhabditis elegans. 1997

Janke, D.L., Schein, J.E., Ha, T., Franz, N.W., O'Neil, N., Vatcher, G.P., Stewart, H.I., Kuervers, L.M., Baillie, D.L., Rose, A.M.

Notes: The 1kb DNA Ladder was used to estimate molecular size on agarose gels. (0970)

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1kb DNA Ladder