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Biomed. Pharmacother. 104, 383–9. RNA binding protein Lin28B confers gastric cancer cells stemness via directly binding to NRP-1. 2018

Wang, X., Hu, H. and Liu, H.

Notes: This work showed that Lin28B expression is significantly increased in gastric cancer cells and is inversely correlated with patient survival. Regions of the Lin28B mRNA including the 5´ UTR, CDS and 3´ UTR were cloned into a luciferase vector, and expression was monitored using the ONE-Glo™ + Tox Luciferase Reporter and Cell Viability Assay. Reporter assay was normalized to β-galactosidase activity using the VivoGlo™ Luciferin-β-Galactosidase Substrate. Results show Lin28B binds in the 3´UTR of NRP-1 mRNA and activates the downstream Wnt/β-catenin pathway. (5138)

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Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 27, 3177–84. Structure-based identification of inhibitors targeting obstruction of the HIVgp41 N-heptad repeat trimer. 2017

McGee, T.D. Jr., Yi, H.A., Allen, W.J., Jacobs, A. and Rizzo, R.C.

Notes: HIVgp41 is critical HIV and host cell membrane fusion and viral entry making it an attractive therapeutic target. Here, modified compounds from an original large-scale computational docking screen were assessed for inhibition of viral entry. Cell viability and cell-cell fusion levels were measured using the ONE-Glo™ + Tox Luciferase Reporter and Cell Viability Assay. A single compound showed promising results in both dose-response assays and in silico docking analysis. (5139)

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