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Front. Microbiol. 7, 1592. A Sample-to-Sequence Protocol for Genus Targeted Transcriptomic Profiling: Application to Marine Synechococcus. 2016

Pitt, F.D., Millard, A., Ostrowski, M., Dervish, S., Mazard, S., Paulsen, I.T., Zubkov, M.V. and Scanlan, D.J.

Notes: The authors quantified purified total RNA using the QuantiFluor® RNA System. The RNA was made into libraries and sequenced on an Illumina HiSeq 2000. (4806)

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Biomaterials 34, 2005-16. Neural stem cells encapsulated in a functionalized self-assembling peptide hydrogel for brain tissue engineering. 2013

Cheng, T.-Y., Chen, M.-H., Chang, W.-H., Huang, M.-Y., and Wang, T.-W.

Notes: Rat neural stem cells were cultured in a 3D hydrogel for either 7 days or 14 days. The hydrogel was destroyed by pipeting and RNA was isolated from the cells with the ReliaPrep™ RNA Cell Miniprep System. The quantity of RNA was determined with the QuantiFluor® RNA Dye System prior to dye-based real-time amplification with the GoTaq® 1-Step RT-qPCR System. The levels of three targets were compared at the 7 day and 14 day time points. (4595)

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