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Genes Dev. 21, 1609-1614. Transcription termination factor Pcf11 limits the processivity of Pol II on an HIV provirus to repress gene expression. 2007

Zhang, Z., Klatt, A., Henderson, A.J., and Gilmour, D.S.

Notes: These authors showed that the termination factor Pcf11 negatively regulates expression of the HIV provirus by causing premature termination RNA pol II-mediated transcription elongation. ChIP assays revealed an association between Pcf11 and the HIV promoter region, and siRNA depletion of Pcf11 caused an increase in viral replication. Transcription in Pcf11-depleted nuclear extracts was shown to be insensitive to 6-dichloro-beta-D-ribofuranosylbenzimidazole (DRB), which is known to cause premature termination. Addition of purified Pcf11 back to the depleted nuclear extracts restored DRB sensitivity. The authors concluded that since HIV expression increases when Pcf11 is depleted, premature termination mediated by Pcf11 appears to play a role in maintaining transcriptional latency of the provirus. (3709)

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J. Biol. Chem. 273, 11625-11629. Folding of chromatin in the presence of heterogeneous histone H1 binding to nucleosomes. 1998

Howe, L., Iskandar, M., Ausió, J.

Notes: The HeLa Nuclear Extract was used to assess the activity of RNA polymerase III transcription of the a template containing 12 tandemly arranged 208bp fragments of the 5S rRNA gene. Transcription was performed on the template complex with histone octamers lacking histone H1 or with histone H1. The transcription reaction was supplemented with recombinant Xenopus TFIIIA. (1015)

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