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Bull Exp Biol Med. 164(5), 655–7. Variability of the expression of reference genes in samples of human olfactory epithelium. 2018

Kovalenko, S.P., Rudenko, N.S., Avdeeva, A.S., Danilenko, K.V. and Aftanas, L.I.

Notes: Total RNA from paraffin sections of human olfactory epithelium were isolated using ReliaPrep™ FFPE Total RNA Miniprep System. Then the amount of total RNA was measured, and cDNA was synthesized by reverse transcription in order to evaluate the expression of genes, both performed with non-Promega products. (4988)

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Histopathology 72(2), 320–9. Clear cell sarcomas of the kidney are characterised by BCOR gene abnormalities, including exon 15 internal tandem duplications and BCOR-CCNB3 gene fusion. 2017

Wong, M.K., Ng, C.C.Y., Kuick, C.H., Aw, S.J., Rajasegaran, V., Lim, J.Q., Sudhanshi, J., Loh, E., Yin, M., Ma, J., Zhang, Z., Iyer, P., Loh, A.H.P., Lian, D.W.Q., Wang, S., Goh, S.G.H., Lim, T.H., Lim, A.S.T., Ng, T., Goytain, A., Loh, A.H.L., Tan, P.H., Teh, B.T., Chang, K.T.E.

Notes: Total RNA from clear cell sarcoma tumors was extracted from scrolls of FFPE tissue blocks with the ReliaPrep™ FFPE Total RNA Miniprep System. Five hundred nanograms of total RNA was reverse transcribed into cDNA with the GoTaq® 1‐Step RT‐qPCR System according to the protocol. Fifty nanograms of total RNA isolated from FFPE sections was reverse transcribed into cDNA and used for qPCR based on the GoTaq® 1‐Step RT‐qPCR System. (4989)

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Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. 111, 287–93. Zika virus damages the human placental barrier and presents marked fetal neurotropism 2016

Noronha, Ld., Zanluca, C., Azevedo, M.L., Luz, K.G. and Santos, C.N.

Notes: The authors demonstrate evidence of transplacental transmission of Zika virus through detection of viral proteins and viral RNA in placental tissue samples from expectant mothers infected at different stages of gestational. To confirm the identity of the flavivirus in the IHC assays, the corresponding FFPE tissue block was punched with a hollow needle, and tissue cores 3 mm in width were removed for molecular studies. Total RNA was extracted from these cores using the ReliaPrepTM FFPE total RNA Miniprep System according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. RNA was eluted in 50μL of elution buffer, and 5 μL of the extracted RNA was amplified by real-time RT-PCR using two primer/probe sets specific for ZIKV (Lanciotti et al. 2008). Real-time assays were performed using the GoTaq Probe 1-Step RTqPCR System. (4719)

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J. Cancer Res. Clin. Oncol. 141, 1945-52. The prognostic impact of EGFR, ErbB2 and MET gene amplification in human gastric carcinomas as measured by quantitative real-time PCR. 2015

Janbabai, G., Oladi, Z., Farazmandfar, T., Taghvaei, T., and  Naghshvar, F.

Notes: Total RNA was isolated from 50mg of microdissected FFPE using the ReliaPrep™ FFPE Total RNA Miniprep System and used for dye-based, two-step RT-qPCR to examine whether tumors identified with gene amplification resulted in increased mRNA expression. (4592)

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