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Food Microbiol. 54, 60-71. Assessment throughout a whole fishing year of the dominant microbiota of peeled brown shrimp (Crangon crangon) stored for 7 days under modified atmosphere packaging at 4°C without preservatives. 2016

Calliauw, F., De Mulder, T., Broekaert, K., Vlaemynck, G., Michiels, C. and Heyndrickx, M.

Notes: The authors purified DNA and amplified into a library using the Illumina 16S Metagenomic Sequencing Library Preparation protocol. Concentration was determined by the Quantus™ Fluorometer and libraries were normalized, pooled and sequenced on an Illumina MiSeq. (4783)

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Appl. Soil Ecol. 107, 1-12. Biological, physicochemical and plant health responses in lettuce and strawberry in soil or peat amended with biochar.  2016

De Tender, C.A., Debode, J., Vandecasteele, B., D’Hose, T., Cremelie, P., Haegeman, A., Ruttink, T., Dawyndt, P. and Maes, M.

Notes: The authors quantified DNA libraries using the Quantus™ Fluorometer and QuantiFluor® dsDNA System. The DNA libraries were normalized, pooled and sequenced on an Illumina MiSeq. (4784)

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BMC Genomics 17(1), 982. Genomic signatures of Mannheimia haemolytica that associate with the lungs of cattle with respiratory disease, an integrative conjugative element, and antibiotic resistance genes. 2016

Clawson, M.L., Murray, R.W., Sweeney, M.T., Apley, M.D., DeDonder, K.D., Capik, S.F., Larson, R.L., Lubbers, B.V., White, B.J., Kalbfleisch, T.S., Schuller, G., Dickey, A.M., Harhay, G.P., Heaton, M.P., Chitko-McKown, C.G., Brichta-Harhay, D.M., Bono, J.L. and Smith, T.P.

Notes: The authors purified microbial DNA samples which were quantified with a Quantus™ Fluorometer and QuantiFluor® Dyes prior to using the Nextera™ DNA Library Prep Kit and sequencing on a MiSeq Instrument.  (4785)

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PLos ONE 11(2), e0150361. Metagenomic Characterisation of the Viral Community of Lough Neagh, the Largest Freshwater Lake in Ireland. 2016

Skvortsov, T., de Leeuwe, C., Quinn, J.P., McGrath, J.W., Allen, C.C., McElarney, Y., Watson, C., Arkhipova, K., Lavigne, R. and Kulakov, L.A.

Notes: The authors purified viral DNA from water samples and quantified using a Quantus™ Fluorometer prior to Nextera® DNA library preparation and Illumina MiSeq sequencing. Bacterial 16S rRNA genes were amplified by PCR from the same water samples, purified and then quantified with a Quantus™ Fluorometer prior to amplicon sequencing with a Roche Sequencing 454 GS Junior System. (4787)

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Front. Microbiol. 7, 1270. The Salivary Microbiome in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Its Association with Disease-Related Parameters: A Pilot Study 2016

Lindheim, L., Bashir, M., Münzker, J., Trummer, C., Zachhuber, V., Pieber, T.R., Gorkiewicz, G. and Obermayer-Pietsch, B.

Notes: The authors purified DNA from saliva, made DNA libraries and quantified with a Quantus™ Fluorometer and QuantiFluor® ONE dsDNA System. The DNA libraries were normalized, pooled and sequenced on an Illumina MiSeq. (4786)

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Gut Pathog. 7, 4. Deciphering chicken gut microbial dynamics based on high-throughput 16S rRNA metagenomics analyses. 2015

Shaufi, M.A.M., Sieo, C.C., Chong, C.W., Gan, H.M. and Ho, Y.W.

Notes: The authors purified DNA from stool and quantified on the Quantus™ Fluorometer. The 16S rRNA gene was amplified from gDNA and DNA concentration again determined with the Quantus™ Fluorometer prior to normalization, pooling and sequencing on an Illumina MiSeq. (4779)

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Biol. Reprod. 92(3), 71. Combining RNA and Protein Profiling Data with Network Interactions Identifies Genes Associated with Spermatogenesis in Mouse and Human. 2015

Petit, F.G., Kervarrec, C., Jamin, S.P., Smagulova, F., Hao, C., Becker, E., Jégou, B., Chalmel, F. and Primig, M.

Notes: The authors immunoprecipitated chromatin, purified the DNA and quantified on a Quantus™ Fluorometer with QuantiFluor® dsDNA System. The DNA was made into libraries and sequenced on an Illumina HiSeq2000. (4788)

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J. Craniomaxillofac. Surg. 43(8), 1494-1500. DNA methylation analysis by bisulfite next-generation sequencing for early detection of oral squamous cell carcinoma and high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion from oral brushing. 2015

Morandi, L., Gissi, D., Tarsitano, A., Asioli, S., Monti, V., Del Corso, G., Marchetti, C., Montebugnoli, L. and Foschini, M.P.

Notes: The authors purified DNA from oral mucosa samples. The DNA was bisulfate treated, made into libraries and quantified with a Quantus™ Fluorometer. The DNA libraries were normalized, pooled and sequenced on a Roche 454 Sequencing GS Junior System. (4789)

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PLos ONE 10(10), e0141170. Mitogenomes from Egyptian Cattle Breeds: New Clues on the Origin of Haplogroup Q and the Early Spread of Bos taurus from the Near East. 2015

Olivieri, A., Gandini, F., Achilli, A., Fichera, A., Rizzi, E., Bonfiglio, S., Battaglia, V., Brandini, S., De Gaetano, A., El-Beltagi, A., Lancioni, H., Agha, S., Semino, O., Ferretti, L. and Torroni A.

Notes: The authors characterized the mitogenomes from two cattle breeds. Two sets of mtDNA PCR fragments were amplified, purified using the Wizard® SV Gel and PCR Clean-Up System, quantified on the Quantus™ Fluorometer. The Nextera DNA Library Prep Kit was used and sequencing was performed on an Illumina MiSeq. (4782)

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PLos ONE 9, e104566. Comparison of Pre-Analytical FFPE Sample Preparation Methods and Their Impact on Massively Parallel Sequencing in Routine Diagnostics 2014

Heydt, C., Fassunke, J., Künstlinger, H., Ihle, M.A., König, K., Heukamp, L.C., Schidhaus, H-U., Odenthal, M., Büttner, R. and Merkelbach-Bruse, S.

Notes: The authors of this study set out to compare five automated systems for purification of DNA from FFPE tissue samples and five DNA quantification methods to determine the systems and methods most favorable to successful downstream massively parallel sequencing (next generation sequencing) analysis. Tissues were processed using commercially available DNA purification kits available for each platform. The authors concluded that the DNA extracted using the Maxwell® 16 systems and platform was of the highest quality in this study and gave the best results in downstream applications. (4512)

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PLos ONE 9(9), e106817. Partition Enrichment of Nucleotide Sequences (PINS) - A generally applicable, sequence based method for enrichment of complex DNA samples. 2014

Kvist, T., Sondt-Marcussen, L. and Mikkelsen, M.J.

Notes: In this paper, the researchers wanted to enrich DNA and sequence a large DNA region surrounding a small known sequence. The method they describe started with 0.0028 copies of target sequence per nanogram of total DNA that was enriched to 786 copies/ng. HeLa DNA containing HPV18 and DNA extracted from HPV18-negative blood sample were pre-amplified using Phi29, analyzed by gel electrophoresis and quantitated using the Quantus® Fluorometer. The quantitated DNA was then used to mix the HPV18 positive and negative DNA samples for an initial sample that contains 0.6 target copies per microliter in a total DNA concentration of 211ng/µl to be amplified in qPCR. (4513)

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Funct. Food Health Disease 2, 228–241. Lowbush blueberries, Vaccinium angustifolium, modulate the functional potential of nutrient utilization and DNA maintenance mechanisms in the rat proximal colon microbiota 2012

Lacombe, A., Li, R.W., Klimis-Zacas, D., Kristo, A.S., Tadepalli, S., Krauss, E., Young, R. and Wu, V.C.H.

Notes: The authors of this study sought to determine how a diet enriched with low bush blueberries would affect the metabolic potential of gut microbes. For this study, they fed rats either a control diet or the control diet plus 8% weight/volume powder derived from low bush blueberries. After six weeks, rats were sacrificed and DNA was extracted from stool. Genomic DNA concentration was determined using the Quantus™ Fluorometer prior to being subjected to next generation sequencing (NGS). (4502)

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