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JALA 8, 19–23. Automated purification of dye terminator sequencing reactions: An approach to high-throughput capillary electrophoresis sequencing of large templates. 2003

Gernon, A., Woldu, E., Godlevski, M., Wilson, W., Gilmore, R.C., Grant, D.J., Chatterjee, P.K. and Kephart, D.

Notes: The authors of this report evaluated use of the Wizard MagneSil® Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up System after ABI PRISM® BigDye® sequencing of large templates. Both BACs and rolling circle amplified DNA were used. It was found that, using BACs, the MagneSil® System had only 1% abrupt stops and 1% sequence dropout compared to 4.2% abrupt stops and 15.2% sequence dropout for an alternative magnetic bead protocol. For rolling circle amplified DNA, the MagneSil® chemistry had 0% abrupt stops compared to 100% for gel filtration. The sequencing reaction clean-ups were performed in 96-well plates on a Beckman Coulter Biomek® FX liquid handling system. (3001)

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