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Clin. Can. Res. 8, 2035-2043. Validation of the pharmacodynamics of BMS-247550, an analogue of epothilone B, during a phase I clinical study 2002

McDaid, H.M., Mani, S., Shen, H-J., Muggia, F., Sonnichsen, D., Horwitz, S.B.

Notes: The authors investigated the mechanism of action of BMS-247550, a stable, synthetic derivative of epothilone B, in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and in breast tumor cells. Breast tumor cells expressing multidrug resistance were stained for tubulin bundle formation. Cytotoxicity in these biopsied cells also was examined by staining with Promega's Anti-PARP p85 Fragment, pAb. (2497)

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