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PLos ONE 9, e104566. Comparison of Pre-Analytical FFPE Sample Preparation Methods and Their Impact on Massively Parallel Sequencing in Routine Diagnostics 2014

Heydt, C., Fassunke, J., Künstlinger, H., Ihle, M.A., König, K., Heukamp, L.C., Schidhaus, H-U., Odenthal, M., Büttner, R. and Merkelbach-Bruse, S.

Notes: The authors of this study set out to compare five automated systems for purification of DNA from FFPE tissue samples and five DNA quantification methods to determine the systems and methods most favorable to successful downstream massively parallel sequencing (next generation sequencing) analysis. Tissues were processed using commercially available DNA purification kits available for each platform. The authors concluded that the DNA extracted using the Maxwell® 16 systems and platform was of the highest quality in this study and gave the best results in downstream applications. (4512)

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19, 1469–1472. Oncogenic and drug-sensitive NTRK1 rearrangements in lung cancer. 2014

Vaishnavi, A., Capelletti, M., Le, A.T., Kako, S., Butaney, M., Ercan, D., Mahale, S., Davies, K.D., Aisner, D.L., Pilling, A.B., Berge, E.M., Kim, J., Sasaki, H., Park, S., Kryukov, G., Garraway, L.A., Hammerman, P.S., Haas, J., Andrews, S.W., Lipson, D., Stephens, P.J., Miller, V.A., Varella-Garcia, M., Jänne, P.A. and Doebele, R.C.

Notes: The authors extracted DNA from FFPE or frozen lung cancer samples using the Maxwell® 16 Instrument and the Maxwell® 16 FFPE Plus LEV DNA Kit. Target enrichment was performed, followed by NGS on an Illumina HiSeq 2000 Instrument. (4908)

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Human Pathology 45, 701–708. Molecular characterization of gallbladder cancer using somatic mutation profiling. 2013

Javle, M., Rashid, A., Churi, C., Kar, S., Zuo, M., Eterovic, A.K., Nogueras-Gonzalez, G.M., Janku, F., Shroff, R.T., Aloia, T.A., Vauthey, J.N., Curley, S., Mills, G. and Roa, I.

Notes: The authors extracted DNA from gallbladder cancer FFPE samples using the Maxwell® 16 Instrument and the FFPE Plus DNA Kit. The also performed target enrichment followed by NGS on an Illumina HiSeq 2000 Instrument. (4907)

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Eur Urol. 63, 920–926. Targeted next-generation sequencing of advanced prostate cancer identifies potential therapeutic targets and disease heterogeneity. 2013

Beltran, H., Yelensky, R., Frampton, G.M., Park, K., Downing, S.R., MacDonald, T.Y., Jarosz, M., Lipson, D., Tagawa, S.T., Nanus, D.M., Stephens, P.J., Mosquera, J.M., Cronin, M.T. and Rubin, M.A.

Notes: The authors extracted DNA from FFPE samples using the Maxwell® 16 Instrument and an unidentified Maxwell® FFPE DNA Kit. Purified DNA was subjected to NGS on an Illumina HiSeq 2000 Instrument. (4906)

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