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MAbs 10(3), 370-379. Development and characterization of an anti-rituximab monoclonal antibody panel.


Tada, M., Suzuki, T., and Ishii-Watabe, A.


Notes: These authors used the CytoTox®-Glo Assay as the readout for a CDC assay, and the ADCC reporter bioassay, to evaluate the potency of anti-rituximab antibodies. 


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J. Biol. Chem. 291(53), 27134–46. Fc engineering approaches to enhance the agonism and effector functions of an anti-OX40 antibody. 2016

Zhang, D., Goldberg, M. V. and Chiu, M. L.

Notes: Agonist antibodies targeting T cells and other immune cells to simulate immune activation have shown to be promising for cancer therapeutics. Here, the NanoBRET™ Protein-Protein Interaction Assay was used to measure hexamerization of anti-OX40 antibodies on the cell surface. Specific anti-OX40 antibody mutations were analyzed for increased antibody multimerization and engagement. Mutations promoting IgG hexamerization showed enhanced agonistic activity. (5056)

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