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SLAS Discov , epub ahead of print. Development of a high-throughput lysyl hydroxylase (LH) assay and identification of small-molecule inhibitors against LH2. 2018

Devkota, A.K., Veloria,J.R., Guo, H-F., Kurie, J.M., Cho, E.J., Dalby, K.N.

Notes: The authors developed a high-throughput method to measure the effects small molecule compounds have on lysyl hydroxylase 2 (LH2) using Succinate-Glo. (5185)

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Nat. Commun. 9(1), 3912. Molecular architecture of the multifunctional collagen lysyl hydroxylase and glycosyltransferase LH3 2018

Scietti, L., Chiapparino, A., De Giorgi, F.,  Fumagalli, M.,Khoriauli, L., Nergadze, S., Basu, S., Olieric, V., Cucca, L., Banushi, B., Profumo, A., Giulotto, E., Gissen, P., Forneris, F.

Notes: Lysyl Hydroxylase 3 is an enzyme involved in collagen synthesis that has both lysyl hydroxylase and glycosyltransferase activity. Lysyl hydroxylase activity can be measured using Succinate-Glo. In this citation the authors use both Succinate-Glo and UDP-Glo to measure the separate lysyl hydroxylase and glycosyltransferase activities of LH3. (5184)

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SLAS Discov , 1–13. Bioluminescent high-throughput succinate detection method for monitoring the activity of JMJC histone demethylases and Fe(II)/2-oxoglutarate dependent dioxygenases. 2017

Alves, J., Vidugiris, G., Goueli, S. and Zegzouti, H.

Notes: The researchers developed and demonstrated the use of the Succinate-Glo™ JmjC Demethylase/Hydroxylase Assay as a universal assay to characterize enzymatic activity of JumonjiC histone demethylases and Fe(II)/2-oxyoglutarate-dependent hydroxylases. (4935)

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Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 618, 45–51. A scalable lysyl hydroxylase 2 expression system and luciferase-based enzymatic activity assay. 2017

Guo, H.F., Cho, E.J., Devkota, A.K., Chen, Y., Russell, W., Phillips, G.N., Yamauchi, M., Dalby, K.N. and Kurie, J.M.

Notes: LH2 activity was measured using the Succinate-Glo™ Assay. (4925)

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