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BMC Genomics 16, 357–369. Genomic landscape of rat strain and substrain variation. 2015

Hermsen, R., de Ligt, J., Spee, W., Blokzijl, F., Schäfer, S., Adami, E., Boymans, S., Flink, S., van Boxtel, R., van der Weide, R.H., Aitman, T., Hübner, N., Simonis, M., Tabakoff, B., Guryev, V. and Cuppen, E.

Notes: The authors isolated RNA from brain, heart, kidney, liver, lung, muscle, ovary, skin, spleen, testis, thymus and whole blood using TRIzol® first followed by re-purification with the Maxwell® 16 Instrument and Kit. (4903)

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