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Viruses 10(12), pii: E666. A novel highly divergent strain of cell fusing agent virus (CFAV) in mosquitoes from the Brazilian amazon region.  2018

Fernandes L.N, Coletti T.M., et al.

Notes: A novel cell fusing agent virus (CFAV) strain was identified in mosquito populations in northern Brazil, shedding light on possible surveillance methods for other flaviviruses such as Zika virus. ProNex® size-selective beads were used alongside Promega AMV Reverse Transcriptase and DNA Polymerase I Large Fragment in the next generation sequencing workflow. (5217)

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Biotechniques 65(4), 219-223.. Directional high-throughput sequencing of RNAs without gene-specific primers. 2018

Mäki, A., Tiirola, M.

Notes: This paper presents a method for the simultaneous analysis of eukaryotic and prokaryotic microbial community members. A novel primer-free PCR method is compared to gene-specific PCR, carbon content, and dry mass methods, ProNex® size-selection beads were used as an integral step to target fragments between 300 and 500 bp prior to next generation sequencing. (5220)

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Bladder Cancer 4(1), 41-48. Toward Personalised Liquid Biopsies for Urothelial Carcinoma: Characterisation of ddPCR and Urinary cfDNA for the Detection of the TERT 228 G>A/T Mutation. 2018

Russo, I.J., Ju, Y., Gordon, N.S., Zeegers, M.P., Cheng, K.K., James, N.D., Bryan, R.T., and Ward, D.G.

Notes: The 228 G>A/T TERT mutation, common to bladder tumors, was detected using ddPCR. ProNex® size-selection beads were used to separate smaller cfDNA from larger species present in the samples to confirm that the mutant allele frequency was independent of the cfDNA:larger DNA ratio. (5216)

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