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Methods Cell Biol. Academic Press. ISSN 0091-679X., Multimodal assessment of autophagy in mammalian cells with a novel, LC3-based tandem reporter. 2021

Dan F. Lazar, Amani A. Gillette, Samantha R. Lewis, and Braeden L. Butler

Notes: In this chapter, details on using the Autophagy LC3 HiBiT Reporter assay system in three modes is detailed. The three modes supported by the reporter are (1) a bioluminescent, homogeneous, plate-reader assay for rapid and quantitative assessment of changes in the level of the LC3-based reporter, (2) a fluorescence-based imaging approach to monitor reporter subcellular distribution in live cells, and (3) an antibody-free, protein blotting method to detect the relative amounts of the LC3-I and LC-II forms of the reporter associated with modulation of autophagic flux.  (5227)

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Epub ahead of print. doi: 10.1002/mnfr.201801237. Induction of Autophagy and Activation of SIRT-1 Deacetylation Mechanisms Mediate Neuroprotection by the Pomegranate Metabolite Urolithin A in BV2 Microglia and Differentiated 3D Human Neural Progenitor Cells. 2019

Velagapudi, R., Lepiarz, I., El-Bakoush, A., Katola, F.O., Bhatia, H., Fiebich, B.L., Olajide, O.A.

Notes: In this study, researchers used the Autophagy LC3 HiBiT Reporter Assay to understand the impact of urolithin A on the autophagy pathway, using HEK293, BV2 microglia and differentiated ReNcell VM cells.  (5187)

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