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Cancer Sci. 109(4), 1254–62. Expression of activating natural killer-cell receptors is a hallmark of the innate-like T-cell neoplasm in peripheral T-cell lymphomas. 2018

Uemura, Y., Isobe, Y., Uchida, A., Asano, J., Nishio, Y., Sakai, H., Hoshikawa, M., Takagi, M., Nakamura, N. and Miura, I.

Notes: Genomic DNA was extracted from FFPE tissue using the ReliaPrep™ FFPE gDNA Miniprep System and used to run PCR. (4986)

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J. Cancer Res. Clin. Oncol. 144(1), 63–73. Differences in the prognosis of HPV16-positive patients with squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck according to viral load and expression of P16. 2017

Biesaga, B., Mucha-Małecka, A., Janecka-Widła, A., Kołodziej-Rzepa, M., Szostek, S., Słonina, D., Kowalczyk, A., Halaszka, K. and Przewoźnik, M.

Notes: For 109 patients, formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded (FFPE) cancer specimens (obtained during surgery or biopsy) were collected. From FFPE selected by pathologists, DNA was isolated using the ReliaPrep™ FFPE gDNA Miniprep System. Then amplification was used to determine the presence of the HPV16 using non-Promega products. (4987)

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Br. J. Cancer 117(6), 884–7. GNAQ and GNA11 mutations and downstream YAP activation in choroidal nevi. 2017

Vader, M.J.C., Madigan, M.C., Versluis, M., Suleiman, H.M., Gezgin, G., Gruis, N.A., Out-Luiting, J.J., Bergman, W., Verdijk, R.M., Jager, M.J. and van der Velden, P.A.

Notes: DNA was extracted from formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue of 16 choroidal nevi using the ReliaPrep™ FFPE gDNA Miniprep System following the manufacturer’s instructions. For DNA extraction from dermal nevi, 20 tissue sections of 25mm per nevus were used. Mutations were then analyzed using digital PCR. (4985)

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Genes Dev. 29, 2475–2489. The glucose-sensing transcription factor MLX promotes myogenesis via myokine signaling 2016

Hunt, L.C., Xu, B., Finkelstein, D., Fan, Y., Carroll, P.A., Cheng, P.F., Eisenman, R.N. and Demontis, F.

Notes: ChIP was performed from C2C12 cells cultured in 15cm dishes following fixation in 1% formaldehyde for 10 minutes, quenching with 125mM glycine for 5 minutes, washing with PBS, and collection of the cells by centrifugation. DNA was purified using the ReliaPrep™ FFPE gDNA MiniPrep system for real-time qPCR. (4730)

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PLos ONE 9, e106575. Platform comparison for evaluation of ALK protein immunohistochemical expression, genomic copy number and hotspot mutation status in neuroblastomas. 2014

Yan, B., Kuick, C.H., Lim, M., Venkataraman, K., Tennakoon, C., Loh, E., Lian, D., Leong, M.Y., Lakshmanan, M., Tergaonkar, V., Sung, W.K., Soh, S.Y. and Chang, K.T.

Notes: The authors isolated genomic DNA from neuroblastoma FFPE samples using the ReliaPrep™ FFPE gDNA Miniprep System followed by PCR enrichment and NGS on an Ion PGM™ System. (4913)

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Human Pathology in press. Proliferative glomerulonephritis with monoclonal immunoglobulin G3κ deposits in association with parvovirus B19 infection 2012

Fujita, E., Shimizu, A., Kaneko, T., Masuda, Y., Ishihara, C., Mii, A., Higo, S., Kajimoto, Y., Kanzaki, G., Nagasaka, S., Iino, Y., Katayama, Y. and Fukuda, Y.

Notes: The authors used the ReliaPrep™ FFPE gDNA Miniprep System to isolate DNA from paraffin-embedded kidney sections for use in real-time PCR to detect parvovirus B19. (4235)

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