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Mol. Genet. Metab. 120(3), 269-277. Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL) is caused by the entire deletion of CLN8 in the Alpenländische Dachsbracke dog. 2016

Hirz, M., Drögemüller, M., Schänzer, A., Jagannathan, V., Dietschi, E., Goebel, H.H., Hecht, W., Laubner, S., Schmidt, M.J., Steffen, F., Hilbe, M., Köhler, K., Drögemüller, C. and Herden, C..

Notes: The authors isolated gDNA from EDTA blood samples and kidney using the Maxwell® RSC Instrument. gDNA from FFPE brain tissue was purified using the Maxwell® RSC DNA FFPE Kit. Whole genome sequencing was conducted with an Illumina HiSeq 3000. (4780)

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