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SLAS Technol. 24, 28–40. Mutation Profiles in Glioblastoma 3D Oncospheres Modulate Drug Efficacy. 2019

Wilson K.M., Mathews-Griner L.A., Williamson T., Guha R., Chen L., Shinn P., McKnight C., Michael S., Klumpp-Thomas C., Binder Z.A., Ferrer M., Gallia G.L., Thomas C.J., Riggins G.J.

Notes: Researchers generated novel glioblastoma 3D cell models to better predict drug efficacy in patients. Two cell lines were used for high-throughput screening, where cell viability and apoptosis assays were used. (5224)

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Cell Death Dis. 7, e2492. Large-scale pharmacological profiling of 3D tumor models of cancer cells 2016

Mathews Griner L.A., Zhang X., Guha R., McKnight C., Goldlust I.S., Lal-Nag M., Wilson K., Michael S., Titus S., Shinn P., Thomas C.J., Ferrer M.

Notes: In this study, researchers used high-throughput compatible 384-well and 1536-well assay plate formats with spheroids of various cell types. Viability and apoptosis of monolayer and 3D tumor models was assessed. (5223)

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