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Parasitol. Res. 80, 478-486. Characterization of multiple unique cDNAs encoding the major surface glycoprotein of rat-derived Pneumocystis carinii. 1994

Linke, M.J., Smulian, A.G., Stringer, J.R., Walzer, P.D.

Notes: [35S]methionine-labeled protein was produced from the largest MSG cDNA clone and the viral gene 9 linked by a Factor Xa site using the TNT® Coupled Reticulocyte Lysate System. The product was digested with Factor Xa, and it was immunoprecipitated with MSG antibodies. There may be multiple MSG mRNAs that were transcribed, but it is not known if they are all translated. (0770)

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Infect. Immun. 62, 3424-3433. Cloning and sequence analysis of a chymotrypsinlike protease from Treponema denticola. 1994

Arakawa, S. and Kuramitsu, H.K.

Notes: The 273 amino acid prtB cDNA was cloned into the PinPoint™ Xa-3 Vector and expressed in E. coli HB101 cells. The protein was purified using the SoftLink™ Soft Release Avidin Resin. The purified protein was treated with Factor Xa Protease. Both the fusion protein and the Factor Xa cleaved protease were functional enzymes. (1481)

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