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ApoTox-Glo™ Triplex Assay Data Analysis Worksheet

The ApoTox-Glo™ Triplex Assay Data Analysis Worksheet is an Excel spreadsheet providing simple analysis of data resulting from a cell health experiment. Using input data from viability, cytotoxicity and apoptosis assays (ApoTox-Glo™ Triplex Assay), the worksheet subtracts background, calculates averages and standard deviations of replicates and calculates the fold change from untreated cells (UTC). The data is represented as a graph plotting all three cell health assays. This worksheet is based on a 96-well format and can be used for one or two test compounds. For complete instructions on how to use the ApoTox-Glo™ Triplex Assay and how to set up an experiment see the ApoTox-Glo™ Triplex Assay Technical Manual #TM322.

Open the ApoTox-Glo™ Triplex Assay Data Analysis Worksheet in Excel using the link below. Paste your viability, cytotoxicity and apoptosis data into the highlighted, colored sections. Also add the concentrations of your test compounds into the worksheet.