Maxwell® CSC 48 Software, Methods and Language Packs

Download software and methods for the Maxwell® CSC 48 Instrument.

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Latest versions:
Software v3.2.0.313
Firmware v6.2.12

Software Installation Instructions:

  1. Export results that may still reside within the Maxwell® CSC 48 Software into a file in a different directory on the Tablet PC or to your local PC drive to prevent data loss. All results and user-defined methods will be saved in the Maxwell® CSC 48 Software and accessible after updating to the new software version. This is merely a precautionary step.
  2. Power OFF the instrument and disconnect it from the PC.
  3. Download and Save the "" file to your hard drive. Note: Make sure to extract the file from the zip archive.
  4. Right click on the "Maxwell CSC 48 Installer v3.2.0.313.exe" file and select Run as Administrator.
  5. Follow the prompts and wait for installation to complete.
  6. Launch the Maxwell® CSC 48 Software and go to Settings -> Instrument Info to verify that the Software version is updated.

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The Maxwell® CSC 48 method contains the package file necessary to run the Maxwell® CSC 48 Instrument. Each method update for the Maxwell® CSC 48 is provided as encrypted files with a .package extension. The download contains the specific Maxwell® CSC 48 automated method. Maxwell® CSC 48 methods can be downloaded from any PC computer (Microsoft Windows® XP or higher) with an available USB port.

IVD Mode

AS1321 - Maxwell® CSC Blood DNA

AS1410 - Maxwell® CSC RNA Blood

AS1350 - Maxwell® CSC DNA FFPE

AS1360 - Maxwell® CSC RNA FFPE

AS1850 - Maxwell® CSC Genomic DNA

AS1860 - Maxwell® CSC Pathogen Total Nucleic Acid

AS1780 - Maxwell® CSC Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification

AS1820 - Maxwell® CSC Whole Blood DNA

RUO Mode

AS1400 - Maxwell® RSC Blood DNA

AS1640 - Maxwell® RSC Buccal Swab DNA

AS1540 - Maxwell® RSC Buffy Coat DNA

AS1840 - Maxwell® RSC ccfDNA LV Plasma

AS1480 - Maxwell® RSC ccfDNA Plasma

AS1370 - Maxwell® RSC Cell DNA Purification

AS1620 - Maxwell® RSC Cultured Cells DNA

AS1831 - Maxwell® RSC Enviro TNA

AS1700 - Maxwell® RSC Fecal Microbiome DNA

AS1450 - Maxwell® RSC DNA FFPE

AS1720 - Maxwell® RSC FFPE Plus DNA

AS1440 - Maxwell® RSC RNA FFPE

AS1550 - Maxwell® FSC DNA IQ™ Casework

AS1880 - Maxwell® RSC Genomic DNA

AS1680 - Maxwell® RSC miRNA Plasma and Serum

AS1460 - Maxwell® RSC miRNA Tissue

AS1890 - Maxwell® RSC Pathogen Total Nucleic Acid

AS1490 - Maxwell® RSC Plant DNA

AS1500 - Maxwell® RSC Plant RNA

AS1600 - Maxwell® RSC PureFood GMO and Authentication

AS1660 - Maxwell® RSC PureFood Pathogen

AS1380 - Maxwell® RSC simplyRNA Blood

AS1390 - Maxwell® RSC simplyRNA Cells

AS1340 - Maxwell® RSC simplyRNA Tissue

AS1630 - Maxwell® RSC Stabilized Saliva DNA

AS1610 - Maxwell® RSC Tissue DNA

AS1330 - Maxwell® RSC Viral TNA Purification

AS1520 - Maxwell® RSC Whole Blood DNA

Language Pack Installers

The language pack installers are required before you can change the display language for your Maxwell® CSC 48 Instrument (AS8000).

For installation instructions, please refer to the Maxwell® CSC 48 Instrument IVD Mode Operating Manual, #TM623 or email