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ProNex® DNA QC Assay Analysis Software


The ProNex® DNA QC Assay Analysis Software will process qPCR data generated with the ProNex® DNA QC Assay. The software includes calculations and sections to define values for the following:

  • Standard curves (acceptable R2 and slope values)
  • Sample quantity (based on the Standard Curves)
  • Sample quality (possible inhibition, contamination, or degradation)

The ProNex® DNA QC Assay Analysis Software can import results from the Applied Biosystems® 7500, 7500 Fast or QuantStudio™ 6 Flex Real-Time PCR Systems, and the BioRad CFX96 Touch™ Real-Time PCR Detection System. For questions regarding instrument compatibility, contact Promega Technical Services for more information.

The system requirements for the DNA QC Assay Software:

  • Environment: Microsoft Windows® 7 - (32bit and 64bit), 8, 10
  • Dual Core Processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

We recommend that all users of the ProNex® DNA QC Assay Analysis Software read the ProNex® DNA QC Analysis Software Technical Manual (#TM512).

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